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Big Brother 14 Recap: Change Of Plans

August 01, 2012 06:26 PM by Ryan Haidet

Oh, how things change inside the Big Brother 14 house.  Tonight’s episode kicked off with Shane saying his goal for the week is to eliminate one of Janelle’s players.  That’s the sole reason he offered for nominating both Joe and Ashley for eviction.  But by the end of the hour, Shane’s strategy changed and a new schemed hatched as Janelle’s players were no longer the main target.  Instead, Shane, the egotistical Head of Household, went the Willie Hantz route and turned on Frank after offering up his word.  How did it all lead up to that moment?  Who won the Power of Veto?  Read on to find out!

Where The Backstabbing Started

Shortly after Shane announced his two nominees for the week, Janelle took it calmly and went to chat with Britney about all of it.  Right after Britney apologized for Shane’s actions, Janelle responded by saying she still wants to work with them.  Next, Janelle planted the first seed by arguing hat keeping Frank in the game, a guy who has proven to be a tough competitor, makes no sense.  She thought keeping her weaker players around was smarter.  After all, they’re easy to beat in competitions.

Later, while trying to motivate her team to be more strategic, Janelle told her three newbies to put on a smile and act as if everything is OK.  Doing some actual coaching, she suggested that Joe go upstairs and tell Shane that despite being nominated he wants to work together.  Right before he walked upstairs, Janelle’s last piece of advice to Joe was for him to think about puppy dogs, rainbows and children as he talked with Shane.  Weird.  I’d think Joe would be more excited and calmed to think about pizza and chicken wings.  Although he didn’t want to kiss any ass, Joe listened to Janelle and made his case with Shane.  Joe started off by telling Shane he definitely wants to work together because he realizes his strength in the game.  Shane, as you’d probably expect, told Joe his realization came too late.  His strength should have been noticed sooner.  Now, Joe was angry.

The Next Step

The PoV was a simple endurance challenge that had the contestants trotting back and forth in the backyard working to keep two balls rolling on different ramps. What I found most interesting is that none of the players except Shane really showed any ability to think while they were competing.  Instead of taking the time to make sure each ball was pushed up the ramp, most of them were frantically going back and forth without any concentration — except for Shane, and that’s why he won his third PoV in a row.  Naturally, everybody on Janelle’s team was devastated by Shane’s victory and Frank found himself feeling extra secure.

After the competition was over and Shane oozed more arrogance by telling Britney she was lucky to have picked him as a player, Janelle came upstairs to fight for her newbies to stay alive.  She started out by making the best move she possibly could.  She suggested to Shane that he would be better off making a power play by ousting somebody strong like Frank.  That way he wouldn’t use his week of power to take out a weak person.  That was the perfect thing to say to somebody like Shane who wants to make himself look like the ultimate ruler.  Although he and Britney both expressed some doubt in trusting Janelle, she offered to give them her wedding ring for three weeks as a sign of her loyalty to them.  She said they could keep it if she broke her word.  No, neither of them took her ring, but the strategy worked as Shane said it was definitely proof that she could be trusted.

Joe’s Plea

Janelle, who has proven to be the best player not yet eligible for the full prize, continued to coach Joe by warning him that he was the next to go if he didn’t put his pride to the side and start kissing some ass.  Even though he really wasn’t thrilled to do it, Joe pulled Shane aside and asked to be saved with the PoV.  He promised, in return, to be as loyal as he possibly could.  “I’m willing to go with you 100 percent outside of my team,” Joe said.  “If you come and help me now, I promise you brother, I will be there for you.”  He then proceeded to swear on his wife, children and mother.  And he apparently truly meant every word because in the Diary Room he vowed to work with Shane all the way to the end if he did pull him to safety.

Snap Of A Finger

The big flip against Frank sparked by a discussion between Britney and Ian.  When she asked him if he would target Shane next week, he couldn’t give her a clean answer.  Instantly, Britney was worried and told Shane it was time to turn the tables on Boogie’s team by targeting Frank.  That would keep Boogie and his minions on their toes.  And just like that, the decision was made.  At the PoV ceremony, Shane decided to use the golden medallion to remove Ashley — one of his own initial targets — from the nomination chair and put Frank up in her position

Heading into tomorrow night’s eviction, I really hope Joe is the fella sent packing.  I think Frank is a better player and more entertaining to watch.  He just has more to offer as a strategic contestant.  Plus, it will be nice to have Joe’s obnoxiously loud Diary Room confessionals out of my ringing ears.  Yikes!  Seriously, why hasn’t one of the producers told him to speak more naturally in there?  It’s ridiculous!  But I know that won’t likely be the case because it appears the house realizes this is a great opportunity to get rid of a power player.  I hate to say it, but it looks like Frank will be walking out the front door Thursday night before the coaches are voted into the game as full-fledged players.  Do you really expect America’s vote to require the coaches to stay as coaches?  Get real.  Even if the vote did come across that way, CBS knows they have to put the four veterans into the game because there aren’t enough active participants left to last until the finale in mid-September.  You can bet on it.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Do you think Shane made a good move or should he have stayed true to his word with Frank?  What would you have done?  Who do you think will be evicted?  Do you want to see the coaches enter the game as actual contestants?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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