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Big Brother 14 Spoiler: Who Won The HoH Endurance Challenge?

August 03, 2012 07:43 AM by Lisa Princ

Big Brother 14 was back last night with one of the worst episodes to date, as they canceled the eviction and left us hanging on the endurance challenge. Luckily, we’ve watched the live feeds, and know exactly who won the endurance challenge, and the HoH. Think you know who won? Read on to find out if you’re right!

Last night, Big Brother left us hanging as the house guests were competing in an endurance challenge for the coveted HoH title. The challenge included standing on a tiny plank, above a pool of water as rain poured down on them. It proved to be a tough challenge, but most of the house guests showed their strength, as the endurance challenge lasted nearly 3 hours last night.

As I said, most of the house guests did well. For a while we were left wondering if it was an endurance competition or merely a Boogie whining fest. ¬†With complaints of the water being too cold, and threats to drop – it’s no surprise that Boogie was the first player down, quickly followed by Jenn about an hour into the competition. Joe, who had a tough time from the get go is the next one to go down, and when he joined Boogie and Jenn, they enjoyed pizza while the other 9 stuck it out.

In a shocker, Ashley was the next one to go, followed by Dan. After 2 hours into the competition, 7 of the house guests remained, proving what a strong group they are. The resident whiner Boogie revealed that he thought “Danielle, Brit, & Ian look the strongest,” at that point, but did one of them pull it off? Frank is the next to drop off, followed by Wil and Shane, who agreed to go together – awe how sweet.

At this point, only four remained: Janelle, Ian, Britney, and Danielle. But Janelle couldn’t take much more and dropped as Boogie was still complaining on the sidelines. Ian slipped a little and almost fell off, but he was not disqualified. Ian was then shown shuddering, but needed to confirm his safety with Britney. Once he confirmed it, Ian dropped off, leaving Danielle and Britney the last two standing.

Finally, Britney appeared to throw it in and dropped. That meant that it was Danielle who won the competition, and the is the new HoH. What do you think of Danielle winning? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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