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Project Runway Recap: Drama On The Runway!

August 03, 2012 02:51 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Every designer hopes to have his or her creations displayed for the Emmy’s, but designing outfits for the industry’s top fashion experts? Talk about pressure! As if the Project Runway contestants don’t have enough on their hands, they also have to worry about impressing guest judge Krysten Ritter. Who will handle the pressure and who will crack? Keep reading for all the details from tonight’s episode of Project Runway! 

The relief at making it thus far on Project Runway is only going to last so long, because host Heidi Klum and mentor Tim Gunn have a mix of good and bad news. The good? The contestants get to design for the Emmy’s and have the opportunity to test drive Lexus GS luxury cars. The bad? They’ll be driving those cars right to the doors of the past designers for which they are creating outfits. And those designs have to be based off of the color of the Lexus to which they are assigned. As if that isn’t enough pressure already, this will be (drumroll please) the first team challenge.  The designers will know who their partners are based on whether or not they get matching keys to the Lexus GS (heavy product placement alert!).

The match-ups? Elena and Buffi are with Lauran from season 3. Sonjia and Nathan get season 8′s Valerie. Ven and Fabio are paired up with Kenley of season 5. Christopher and Andrea get Anya, winner of season 9. Alicia and Raul are with Mila of season 7. Gunnar and Kooan should be especially disastrous, as they are paired with season 6 winner Irina. And last but not least, Dmitry and Melissa get April from season 8.

The tension builds during the meetups, in which Irinia threatens that terrible things will happen is Gunnar and Kooan make her look like a checkerboard. Raul drops a piece of news that could end up devastating for Mila: he’s never designed a formal gown.

Next up, sketching and Mood. Gunnar feels the need to let everyone know how much of a “controlling bitch” he is. As if we didn’t already know! He complains that Kooan has probably never seen the Emmys before proceeding to grab materials without asking Kooan’s opinion.

Things are relatively peaceful in the workroom, but that can only last so long. Tim Gunn comes on the scene and, of course, all hell breaks loose…mostly because accompanying him are the past designers. Things don’t go so well with Irina, Gunnar and Kooan (surprise, surprise). Gunnar reveals that he would have preferred to be matched with Kenley. Irina probably would have preferred that as well. Thinks are equally dramatic between Elena, Lauran and Buffi. Lauran thinks that Elena and Buffi are way too ambitious. Tim and Buffi think Elena needs to chill. Her response? A shouting match in which she insists that she’s “already calm!” She then freaks out further about how there’s no time. Umm, how much time have you eaten up by yelling your head off?

Finally, everything’s finished (or almost at any rate) and it’s time for the runway! The judges are Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and guest judge Krysten Ritter. The reactions range from pleasant to horrified. Christopher and Andrea are in especially big trouble for the abomination dress they created for Anya. Shockingly, Gunnar and Kooan’s slapdash creation doesn’t look all that bad. They cleverly used a scarf to hide a bad seam. On top of the score board are Gunnar and Kooan (huh?) as well as Fabio and Ven. The bottom two pairs include (surprise!) Christopher and Andrea alongside Raul and Alicia.

The judges consult for a bit before declaring Ven the winner. That’s a second win for Ven! Raul, on the other hand, is finished. He’s pissed and he would love to drag Alicia down with him. Raul doesn’t go voluntarily, but Andrea does. Melissa and Buffi wake up to find out that she’s packed her bags and departed, apparently too disgusted by the whole competition to continue. The promo for future episodes suggests that Alicia will not be the last contestant to leave of her own accord. Stay tuned to see who else storms out!

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One Response to “Project Runway Recap: Drama On The Runway!”

  1. stewie Says:
    August 3rd, 2012 at 10:50 am

    Christopher was perfectly justified in letting Andrea know how he felt about her. She took forever to do her work and he almost got screwed by it. I wish she’d have been sent home but it looks like she decided to hit the bricks anyway. There are other designers that would give their left arm to be where she is (or was). And she goes and takes a hike in the middle of the night. What a coward!


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