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Big Brother 14 Recap: Long Endurance Battle & A Broken Promise

August 05, 2012 06:12 PM by Ryan Haidet

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 14 started where it left off last Thursday night — on the heels of the worst episode in the show’s history.  I don’t need to reiterate the unfair nature of the game at this point.  I did that enough in the last recap when the four coaches entered the game after CBS shamefully allowed them to have a full month of complete safety.  Let’s just get straight to tonight when the show made its return with the 12 contestants battling it out in an endurance competition with hopes of winning Head of Household.  The contest lasted several hours, but who walked away with the HoH key around their neck?  And who landed at the end of a broken promise?

Rainy Battle

The challenge was basically a remade version of competitions we’ve seen in previous seasons.  The contestants were standing on a small plank attached to a tilting wall made to look like a boat.  There was also man-made rain and the occasional moment when small seagulls appeared to unleash a giant liquidy-white poo all over the contestants’ bodies — often filling their mouths.

Boogie dropped out after 1:10 hoping it would prove to everybody else he’s not a very threatening player.  Two minutes later, Jenn was toast with Joe jumping off one minute after her.  Ashley (1:51), Dan (1:55) and Frank (2:13) all dropped out of the battle next before Wil and Shane voluntarily jumped off together at 2:43.  Janelle hopped off the plank and plunged into the shallow pool at 2:49.  When Ian, tired and wanting out of the competition, tried to cut a deal with Britney and Danielle, Dan finally did some coaching from the sidelines.  He was trying to pump Danielle up and basically told her she is the person who should be making the deals.  Oh, Dan.  Just be quiet. Remember, this is the same guy who thought the best form of coaching at one point in the game was to sit back and do nothing.  After 3:15, Ian and Britney both looked to Danielle to make her promise to keep them safe for the week.  When she offered up protection — even from backdooring them — both jumped off immediately.

When Danielle won the challenge, Dan, her former sucky coach, rushed over and offered up a celebratory hug.  But that was nothing in comparison to the shirtless love she got from her hunk, Shane.  He ran to her, laid on top of her exhausted body and laid his lips upon hers.  Despite his flirtatious ways with JoJo just a few days earlier, Danielle was thrilled with the smooch and said she hoped to win a lot more if that’s the payoff.  But none of that was as significant as the promise she made to Wil to keep him safe.  Uh oh.  I smell trouble.

Pouting Boogie

After the competition, Boogie was reeling from the news Dan told him shortly before the scheduled, yet canceled, eviction on Thursday night.  Dan told him the tides had turned and Frank was going to be the person walking out the door instead of Joe.  Dan thought by telling Boogie the truth that it would prove he was a trustworthy ally — but it backfired and only made Boogie angry.

Who Is Really HoH?

Even though Danielle technically holds the power this week as HoH, it sure does seem like Dan is behind the wheel.  Throughout the remainder of the episode, Dan kept pushing Danielle to nominate Frank and Wil for eviction.  And even though Danielle was worried about nominating Wil instead of Boogie, she listened to Dan.  That resulted in Frank and Wil being placed on the chopping block.  Their intent, at least at this point, is to finally boot Frank out of the house while treating Wil as a pawn.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Who do you think will end up getting evicted this week?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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