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Secret Millionaire Recap: Marcus Lemonis Heads To Miami

August 05, 2012 07:00 PM by Veronica Dudo

Could you live without your cell phone and credit cards for one week? Marcus Lemonis did just that when he traveled to an impoverished area of Miami on tonight’s episode of Secret Millionaire. The Camping World CEO is seeking out people worthy of donations on the ABC reality TV series. Along the way he discovers organizations that help the victims of bullying and those who are homeless. Keep reading to find out who Marcus decides to help!

The National Voices For Equality Education and Enlightenment is an organization that helps young people cope with being bullied. After working at a car wash to raise money, Marcus listens as some of the kids share stories of how they have been bullied in school. The reasons why the children have been bullied ranged from jokes about their height to being overweight and even how they looked. Marcus then shares his story with the group of how he was bullied as a kid. He reveals that he too was overweight and was made fun of which has stayed with him for years. Since he has been so busy at work, he has suppressed these bad memories and says it has been such a relief having the opportunity to share what he went through.

Next, Marcus visits New Journey’s, a home for young girls who are homeless. The organization–operated by Miss Kathy–helps the girls learn important life skills to be able to live independently. Marcus says he was lucky to be adopted at a young age into a kind and loving family so he can’t imagine what it’s been like for some children who are bounced from home to home.

The last group Marcus visits is Neat Stuff, a clothing store that distributes clothes, uniforms and school supplies to low-income families. Marcus talks about the importance of people having the chance to shop for clothes especially young kids who are excited to wear “new” clothes instead of hand-me-downs. While volunteering, Marcus meets Roxana a 17 year old high school senior who is currently in foster care. Roxana tells Marcus that when she turns 18 she must leave Foster Care and live on her own. She will still be in her senior year when she must live by herself. Marcus is really touched by her story.

On his last day, Marcus reveals that he is a multi-millionaire. First he tells NVEEE that he has made out a check for $35,000. He also donates a new car and an RV so that the organization will have a mobile office! Next, Marcus heads to Neat Stuff and donates $25,000 the workers are very grateful. Marcus tells Roxana, the 17 year old high school senior who will soon be homeless that he has set-up a trust for her in the amount of $5,000. Roxana says that no one has ever helped her is such a special and significant way. Lastly, Marcus visits New Journey’s and presents $75,000 to Miss Kathy who has used up all of her money for the young girls. Marcus then hands Miss Kathy a $10,000 personal check which she decides to use to purchase a car!

Marcus says that he has truly enjoyed sharing his success and volunteering in his community; adding that this has been the single greatest experience of his life!

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