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Want To Go On A Date With Octomom? It’ll Cost You

August 05, 2012 02:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Oh brother, Octomom is at it again. First, she attempted singing, then she attempted stripping for cash, and now the whackjob is making yet another sick attempt to suck money out of someone – as if begging wasn’t enough (Oh yes, she has been begging also). What kind of con artist scheme plan could she possibly have this time?

Nadya Suleman recently took to stripping in an attempt to earn her way off welfare, and in her latest scheme to earn some cash, the mom of 14 children has decided to start begging, and has even offered herself up for a date! Say what? Unfortunately, we are not kidding. At this point, we wouldn’t be shocked if hooker is next on her resume…pathetic.

According to TMZ, Octomom has set up a new profile on What’sYourPrice.com, which is a website where users can set up a date with someone, but they actually have to pay to date them. From what we gather, it’s kind of like an eBay for dating, folks can bid to date someone. And it gets better – the starting bid to date Octomom is only a mere $500. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking – that’s $500 too much. We think she should be paying someone $500 to deal with date her, don’t you?

But that’s not all in the land of Octo-schemes. She also set up a webpage on GoFundMe.com, where her fans can send her money. We even checked it out – it’s not gossip, she really did. What is she looking for from fans? Oh, nothing more than a measly $150,000.00! The worst part? No, not that Octo has no shame in what she is doing (that’s a close second), but that some moronic fans have actually donated to her. So far, she has collected over $2,000.00 from the begging website. Hmm, maybe we should all try that instead of getting a real job, whatcha think?

Sound off below! What do you think of Octomom’s latest attempts to earn some cash? Comment and share your thoughts!

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