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Bachelor Pad Recap: Bachelorette Slimeball Leaves Feeling Like A Loser

August 06, 2012 07:16 PM by Candace Young

Things will definitely get ugly tonight on Bachelor Pad especially when the remaining contestants battle it out in an ooey-gooey obstacle course challenge. Who will get messy this week? Which past Bachelorette contestant will come out looking like a slimeball? Don’t miss the highlights after the jump…

Tonight’s episode kicks off with Reid Rosenthal stressing over whether he will be the next male targeted to leave Bachelor Pad after he tried and failed to get Ed Swiderski voted out last week. Meanwhile, Jaclyn talks Ed, who is sulking over the near miss, into staying.

Chris Harrison tells the group they’ll be competing as couples in the next challenge. They travel to a gooey looking obstacle course called…Hot Sludge Fundae! The ladies must don ‘nut sacks’, crawl through a vat of ice cream, make their way through the hot fudge and whipped cream, and dump nuts on their heads. The guys will do it in reverse and then eat the cherry for the win. Yup. To up the drama, Harrison makes them switch partners. Best mismatch – Kalon winds up with Erica Rose.

The girls do their thing, and if you’re imagining they must look like sexy mud wrestlers by the time they’re dunked in hot fudge, think again. This is ugly business! The guys are tagged in and Michael Stagliano once again has the ladies oohing and aahing over his prowess…until Superfan David ties him at the finish line.

Meanwhile, Ed and Chris battle it out for last place. Ed slides back down the fudge wall and loses, much to his partner Jamie’s chagrin. They each will have one vote against them now. After video review, David and his partner Rachel are crowned Hot Sludge Fundae winners. Michael is a little put out.  David and Rachel get dates and roses.

Blakeley, who took David on a date last week, campaigns to go on his date this week. Jamie is also hoping to go on the date and net a rose to keep her safe. David invites Blakeley, his nemesis Erica Rose, and Jamie to join him. Super intense Chris is excited for Jamie and Blakeley to be out of the house – no words. Anyway, David has to be nuts – Erica professed to hate him, and Blakeley and Jamie hate each other. Sounds like a good time!

The girls learn the date will be a re-enactment of a prom. They cringe, but then get excited about what they’ll wear. Jamie tries to make nice with Blakeley while they make up their faces, but Blakeley freezes her out and won’t even join in a toast. Me-ow!

Back at the house, Reid and Ed have a dicey conversation about trust. Reid talks in circles and Ed somehow walks away thinking Reid’s his best buddy. Later, Ed indulges in a loud underwearless session of some sort with one of the girls – whose name he doesn’t know or remember.

Prom King David hosts his ladies to the live tunes of country music’s Katie Armiger. As they pose for photos, Blakeley expresses confidence that she’ll get the rose from David…until she sees him smooching Jamie. Uh oh. Erica Rose tips her tiara in Blakeley’s direction to warn that Jamie is on the chopping block and will do whatever she has to do to secure the rose. Blakeley hot foots it over to interrupt David and Jamie and warns him to be loyal or his days are numbered. David thumbs his nose at the threats and crowns Jamie his Prom Queen. Blakeley vows revenge.

Rachel’s date card arrives. Chris is hoping to go along to avoid Jamie and Blakeley. I’m betting Stagliano is a shoo-in. Rachel chooses Nick, Tony, and Michael. Chris pouts.  After a toast in the limo, Rachel and her men arrive at a Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. The guys pose with some ‘celebrities’ before spotting a section called ‘The Bachelor Experience’ with a Chris Harrison wax dummy. Except it’s really Chris, and he almost makes them pee their pants when he talks! He tells them they’ll be done up like wax figures to scare some unsuspecting tourists – yay! It turns out as fun as it sounds. Rachel predictably gives the rose to Michael. Tony’s disheartened to find himself back in the limo with Captain Protein Powder. Rachel has Michael assure her that he’s not going anywhere (bleck!) and they make-out.

Back at the Bachelor Pad, Chris fends off Jamie the newly-crowned Prom Queen when she wants to join him in bed. Tears ensue as Jamie opens up to the camera about wanting a family to spend the holidays with…huh?

The next day in the pool, Reid, looking like Chandler Bing in a floaty device, and Sarah, spearhead a new  campaign to get Ed out. Afterward, Sarah goes straight to Ed and tells him Reid’s conspiring against him. Ed is in disbelief. He confronts Reid about being a liar. Reid acts completely bewildered and starts talking in circles again. Ed tells him to have some balls and admit it.

When a power couple alliance emerges – Mike & Rachel, Blakeley & Chris, Ed & Jaclyn, with Kalon and Lindzi as loose cannons, the rest band together as underdogs. Blakeley knows she’s on the chopping block and makes the rounds seeking reassurance from the guys. Mike tells her that his guys, including Kalon, are planning to vote out Donna. Word gets back to the Underdogs, who aren’t concerned because Kalon claims to be on their side. Donna goes off with Nick after telling the camera she can’t leave Bachelor Pad yet – she hasn’t even hooked up with anyone! Nick obliges and they make-out. In the voting room, Kalon revels in being the swing vote who told everyone exactly what they wanted to hear – so creepy!

Reid makes a calculated move by approaching Jaclyn about partnering if Ed goes home. Jaclyn questions his lack of loyalty to Ed, and looking fairly hammered, has a good cry about all the betrayal. Um, she does know this is a game right? Anyway, Jaclyn denounces the whole conversation as ‘abrasive’, gets another drink, and blabs to Ed, who once again is blown away that Reid isn’t his friend. He thinks it’s because he won Jillian on The Bachelorette. Jaclyn goes into the voting room, tears up Reid’s photo and puts it in the box. Other girls in the Alliance also vote for Reid. Ed and Reid go at it again outside. Reid reminds him it’s a game. Sarah is the swing vote for the girls. Will she vote for Ed or Reid? Hmm.

Rose Ceremony

David, Michael, Jamie, and Rachel are safe. Roses go to Erica, Kalon, Lindzi, Chris, Sarah, Tony, Jaclyn, Nick, Blakeley, and Ed. Superfan Donna and Reid, who miscalculated, are going home. Jaclyn makes a lofty speech directed toward Reid about the need to be a little more honest in the game. Please, this is Bachelor Pad. Reid is taken away in the limo saying he feels a bit like a loser. Donna blubs that it was the best experience of her life.

Check out a sneak peek at next week on Bachelor Pad!

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