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The Glass House Recap: This. Just. Got. Interesting!

August 06, 2012 09:09 PM by Shayla Perry

Just when you thought it was safe to start choosing sides again, things on The Glass House are getting even more complicated. Returning players (don’t worry, it’s not Alex), people leaving the show, and yes, even more broken alliances. What did you miss?

This week on ABC….

After finding out that Gene lied about being voted into limbo, Kevin is ready to get him off the show for good. The only problem? His alliance is down to one, which makes for some pretty awkward “team meetings.”

It’s finally clear to everyone that Gene’s playing dirty. How dirty will things get now that his girl, Joy, is off the show? We’re thinking: VERY.

Game on!

Make that…game slightly delayed.

Five hours after Andrea returns to the house, the team captains for the next challenge still haven’t been announced. What’s going on? Twist!

Yes, a mighty big twist. (We knew there had to be one soon.)

So, here’s how it goes… Two players that we thought we got rid of (Joy and Mike), have a chance to get back into the game. BUT, only if someone currently in the house sacrifices their spot, and only if the viewers voted for them to come back.

Although, it’s not really a sacrifice, because the player giving up their spot is getting paid.

If a dollar amount flashes on the screen that they want, they simply throw their stone, get the money, a ticket home, and trade places with the person the viewers chose to return to the house.

Gene looks like he’s considering taking the money and getting Joy back on the show, but when the first amount comes up on the screen ($7,777.77), he walks off, saying that “anything less than 6 figures is wasting my time.”

$37,600 is another story though — for some. She’s been at the bottom for the past few weeks, and Stephanie knows that she doesn’t have a great chance of winning, so she’s happy to take the money and run.

And unfortunately, for Gene, now he’s lost Stephanie AND Joy…again, because the viewers voted Mike back into the game.

Suddenly, Kevin’s alliance is back to three (with a potential fourth in Jeffrey…and Erica, who’s always lurking around).

Their focus now? Gene.

But they may not have to fight so hard to get rid of him, because he’s in the bottom two tonight, along with Jeffrey (gasp!).

Everything is definitely going Kevin’s way, so it’s smart for Jeffrey to pick him for his team. Right?


It’s an extremely close challenge, but Jeffrey’s team gets the win.

There is a problem, however.

During the challenge, the players had the chance to put discs in a money tube and a team tube. Mike and Jeffrey both chose to put some discs in their own money tubes.

Mike confessed to doing so, which he later realized was a bad idea because he and Kevin have both been preaching that throwing challenges is bad. It wasn’t exactly throwing the challenge, but it doesn’t look good when Erica and Andrea both did everything they could to contribute to the team.

So… To stick to his guns, Kevin votes for Mike to go into limbo instead of Erica.

Erica really doesn’t want to go back into limbo, even if they think she has a better chance of beating Gene than Mike, but she should’ve thought of that earlier before she put Jeffrey on blast and said that he was playing both sides.

Who will return next week — Gene or Erica? And will anyone call Erica out for getting mad at Jeffrey for voting her in and not Kevin???

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Photos Courtesy of ABC

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