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Bristol Palin Hoping To Not Gain Weight On Dancing With The Stars

August 07, 2012 09:00 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Many celebs consider Dancing with the Stars the best weight loss program out there, as they have managed to shed massive amounts of weight while performing on the show. Bristol Palin, however, was unable to count herself among the DWTS weight loss success stories. Read on for Bristol’s take on the reality show and her physique.

Bristol Palin has a few goals for the upcoming all-star season on Dancing with the Stars. Near the top of the list? Keeping her weight where it is right now. The Life’s a Tripp star confirmed rumors that she gained weight during her last appearance on the show, telling People, ”My goal is not to gain any weight.”

Part of being on one of the hottest reality shows is having your private life discussed on a national level. This certainly was the case for Bristol, who was party to snarky comments from the press, and at one point, from Kathy Griffin. Bristol said of the negative attention, “I think it’s hurtful for any girl when someone’s criticizing their weight on a national level. It’s an awkward position.”

While we were not particularly impressed with Bristol’s dancing ability, we did feel for the celeb wannabe when anyone and everyone was bashing her weight. If you’re going to criticize Bristol’s performance, you might be better off focusing on her two left feet, not the way she fits into her ball gown. Unfortunately, whether her weight goes up or down, Bristol will still probably be party to attacks on her appearance. But that’s all part of show business, a career that Bristol seems dead-set on pursuing.

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3 Responses to “Bristol Palin Hoping To Not Gain Weight On Dancing With The Stars”

  1. shirley Says:
    August 7th, 2012 at 10:36 am

    Why would the Palins ever think that they would gain any fans by having a soap opera that showed how immature Bristol was? Shallow, mean, vindictive, jealous, more interested in making money and being in front of the camera than deciding what was best for her child; selfish, one of the mean girls — watch this and think about how Sarah Palin is always saying that Bristol is the role model for every teenage American. If the Palins actually believe that, they aren’t fit to be parents of either Tripper or Trigger. Levi may be bad but at least he can see that their child is in a downward spiral and that what Bristol is doing to him is WRONG. Hopefully, Bristol will get a message loud and clear that she is guilty of child abuse and that this is not acceptable behavior.

  2. Lola Says:
    August 12th, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Bristol certainly isn’t a star because of her failed TV shows–or because of her parenting skills–or because she was a good dancer. I guess she was chosen because she is the only star who practiced so little that she gained weight week after week and her poor dancing partner had to drag her around the dancing hall. Most dancers lift their partners –Mark had to stand her up on a chair so he wouldn’t have to have shoulder surgery or an operation to repair a hernia. Bristol is there for laughs and for everyone to see what way the Palin fans will try to cheat on the voting.

  3. mitzie Says:
    August 12th, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Ya no how they choose who gets to be Bristol’s partner–they go to the petting zoo and see who can lift a baby elephant over their shoulders. Person who can carry the most dead weight gets the booby prize. Mark did it last time and he said that $arah has been sending him a lot of e-mails. Not sure if the person gettinng Two Ton Annie gets a special bonus for hazardess pay.


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