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Big Brother 14 Recap: A Coach Becomes The Target

August 08, 2012 06:18 PM by Ryan Haidet

Just like it does every summer, the plans have completely flipped this week in the Big Brother 14 house.  When Danielle, the current Head of Household, made her nominations, her main target for the week was Frank.  She simply placed Wil on the chopping block at his side as a pawn.  Just when it seemed like surfer-dude Frank was definitely going home, a new plan hatched with a much bigger target — one of the four coaches.

The beginning of the episode didn’t give much feeling that the goal of getting Frank, the self-described nomination king, out of the house.  Instead, Boogie pouted because he felt like he was going to be backdoored this week.  When Dan pulled him aside to chat, Boogie said he was pissed with the way things have been going in the house.  But Dan instead offered up a deal.  He asked Boogie to work with himself, Janelle and Britney as an alliance of coaches.  Boogie didn’t seem too thrilled by the idea because none of them had proved they wanted to work with him before.

Meanwhile, Janelle, who has been a major proponent of getting Frank evicted from the house, was chatting it up with him about the future of the game.  When Britney walked by, she saw them talking and immediately became suspicious.  It was the moment that got the ball of change rolling down the hill to change the plan.

Process Of Elimination

The Power of Veto competition was a challenge made up of multiple rounds in which the players had to roll a ball down a ramp and into a giant scoring field.  At the end of each round, the person with the lowest score was eliminated and rewarded with a prize.  But the prizes of those players were never safe because the next eliminated contestant could trade.  Here’s how it all broke down:

  • Shane was the first out of the competition and was rewarded, very predictably, with the golden Power of Veto as his prize.
  • Out next was Wil who won a Veto ticket, which guarantees he would be playing in next week’s PoV competition.  He decided to trade it for Shane’s PoV.
  • Up next, Jenn won a vacation to Maui after she was ousted and chose to keep it.
  • When Ian was eliminated in the next round, his prize was getting to live like a dog for 24 hours.  That means dressed like a dog, eating out of a bowl on the floor and sleeping in a dog house in which he can’t leave unless somebody offers to take him out for a walk.  Instead of trading it out for something awesome like Jenn’s Maui vacation, Ian excitedly kept his reward punishment.  Despite Boogie’s shock that Ian kept that prize, there is some strategy behind it.  Ian has been taking the punishments all summer long because he thinks the other players will want to keep him around so they don’t have to suffer through the things he’s willing to take on.
  • Frank was eliminated next and won $5,000.  But he chose not to keep it and traded for the PoV with Wil.
  • But Frank didn’t get to keep the PoV for long because Danielle, being the winner, got the last pick.  She could either choose to wear a spiritard for one week or trade that for any of the previous prizes.  She traded it out for the PoV, which forced Frank into wearing the skin-tight purple suit.

The New Deal

Shortly after the competition, a useless alliance of Ian, Shane, Danielle, Britney and Dan formed.  They dubbed themselves the “Quack Pack” and vowed to stick together until the final five.  But that alliance is nothing in comparison to the one that was formed shortly after involving Boogie, Frank, Danielle, Dan, Britney and Shane — the “Silent Six.”

This powerhouse came together after Boogie pitched a plan to get Janelle out of the game.  He said with 12 people left they will be have a numbers majority for the rest of the summer after getting Janelle — a definite power player — evicted next.  With his seed already planted, Janelle watered it all by showing she wasn’t as trustworthy as she was trying to act.  The turning point was when Janelle came up to the HoH bedroom with the three other coaches and said she wanted to work as one solid block.  She went one step further by saying she didn’t care who went home next because all she cares about is the coaches.  When Boogie agreed and suggested they all vote Wil out, Janelle hesitated.  When Boogie suggested they use the PoV and nominate Joe for eviction, she hesitated again.  It was proof that she wasn’t 100 percent with the coaches.  She was still trying to protect her team members.  Big mistake.

With the snap of a finger, word spread and the “Silent Six” alliance was born.  When it came time for the Veto meeting, Danielle swung the ax down and used the golden medallion to pull Wil to safety.  Effectively putting the new “Silent Six” plan in motion, she then put Janelle on the chopping block.  When it happened, Britney faked a surprised face, which was one of the worst I’ve ever seen because she’s in on the entire plan.  Meanwhile, Boogie struggled to hold down his smile.  One thing is certain, Janelle was caught completely off guard.  Had there been any inkling she was a new target, Janelle said she would have at least put on makeup.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Who do you hope is evicted from the game next?  Frank or Janelle?  Who do you think has the best odds at winning the entire season?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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