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Million Dollar Listing L.A. Recap: A Man’s Best Friend

August 08, 2012 08:18 PM by Shayla Perry

After their blow-up at Josh Flagg‘s open house, you’d think that the only words Heather Bilyeu and Madison Hildebrand had for each other were…well, we can’t use them here. So what has Heather thinking about reaching out to him this week on Bravo‘s Million Dollar Listing L.A.?

The drama between Madison and Heather seems to have calmed down, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t still sizzling in L.A…make that Santa Fe.

Josh Flagg is contemplating taking on some clients at the advice of his parents. The only problem? They’re in Santa Fe  — 3 hours away, which means driving all the way there (and back) every time someone wants to see the listing.

Enter Grandma Edith to remind him that “the market is s–t” and he can’t really be too picky when it comes to work right now.

“You have a beautiful car. Go,” she tells him. “Get gasoline. And don’t forget to shave.”

Who else but Grandma Edith could get away with that? That and stealing her dead neighbor’s magazines.

Josh goes. We’re assuming he gets gasoline. But he doesn’t shave. Still, he manages to end the day with a new client on the books; despite their reluctance to put their house on the market for under $7 million.

They settle on $6,995,000.00, but even with all of the upgrades and perks (every house should have his and hers televisions!), it’s just too high compared to everything else on the market.

Will the seller end up compromising and going even lower, or will Josh be able to pull off a miracle?

Josh Altman is trying to sell two houses on the same street…owned by the same person. And the bonus? If he does well with these, there’s more where they came from.

This calls for some assistance from Mikey, a golf cart, and a corny cheer (not exactly in that order).

It’s not long before Josh gets an offer on the smaller of the homes. All cash, 14 day closing… The only hitch — it’s way below the $4 million asking price.

The buyer’s agent manages to get them to come up in price, but after their final and best, she says that they’re definitely not budging anymore, and her client will walk away if he has to.

They get within $50,000 of one another, but neither side wants to give in after that point. So, no deal. Until…

Just as Josh is about to drive away, the seller calls him back to tell him that she’ll take the offer!

Madison isn’t having as good of a day, though.

On top of the ultimatum from his client, he’s also dealing with the death of his dog, Rex.

Thanks to Facebook, Heather hears about Rex, which makes her want to say SOMETHING to Madison to let him know that she cares.

How will things pan out between Madison and Heather? Tune in to the season finale of Million Dollar Listing L.A. on Wednesday, August 15th to see, but you can get a sneak peek now!

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One Response to “Million Dollar Listing L.A. Recap: A Man’s Best Friend”

  1. Jeff Stone Says:
    August 13th, 2012 at 9:26 am

    I just started watching Millon dollar listing-Bravo To Bravo- I am amazed at how laid back Josh Flag is and at the same time Josh Altman looks like hes going to self combust at any point-great characters on this show-We are a nationwide wedding services company and eventually we hope to do a show called The Wedding Pros- we know this takes money however of all the shows we have seen so far million dollar listing really takes you to the edge- the deal making- and the stories behind these mavericks who are not afraid to be open and honest about their skills and personal lives-Chad keeps pushing Cake away – she knows this guy is a control freak and is trying her best to enjoy the perks of superficial romance while staying at arms length-bood luck with that- Josh Flag is a survivor and will listen to anyone but ultimately will keep havng fun regardless-Teres something real sad about Madison- He wants to be accepted for himself instead of what he looks like-he may never find real love-however one thing all these guys have in common is they have a hunger to make the deal happen-to me that is what attracts me most to this show-their never give up mentality-True Warriors (by the way if you guys ever need free dj entertainment for your brokers open-call 855 933-PROS


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