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Top Chef Masters Recap: Aspiring Master Chefs Cook For The Masters

August 08, 2012 09:08 PM by Veronica Dudo

The aspiring master chefs must cook in-front of some of your favorite Top Chef Masters on tonight’s episode of Top Chef: Masters. While the chefs on this season of the Bravo reality TV series can certainly cook, the real question is can they put on a good show? That’s exactly what they do for the judges! Who impresses the judges with their culinary talent and who cooks their last meal? Keep reading to find out!

Along with bragging rights, the chefs are competing for prizes and money that will be donated to their charities. The show is based in Las Vegas and all of the chefs put their luck to the test. The nine competing chefs are Patricia Yeo, Takashi Yagihashi, Art Smith, Thierry Rautureau, Kerry Heffernan, Lorena Garcia, Mark Gaier, Clark Frasier and Chris Cosentino.

The rotating judges include Krista Simmons, Francis Lam, Ruth Reichl and James Oseland.

Olympic gold medalist Brian Boitano serves as the special guest judge for the quick fire. Brian’s favorite dish is Takashi’s who wins $5,000 for his charity and immunity!

For the elimination challenge, the chefs are split into three teams and must display their best skills as they cook up a three-course meal to serve VIP guests. An added challenge, the chefs must cook in-front of the judges on a Teppanyaki. Acclaimed chefs May Sue Milliken, Susan Feniger, Rick Moonen and Jonathan Waxman join the judges for the interactive meal. The chefs only have 30 minutes to put on an entertaining show with great food for the Top Chef Masters and critics.

The Yellow Team is made up of Patricia, Clark, and Takashi. The judges like the food but say they would have enjoyed seeing a “show.”

The White Team is comprised of Chris, Art and Thierry. The judges enjoy their dishes and their chemistry.

The Green Team includes Kerry, Mark, and Lorena. The judges find flaws in their dishes. Lorena wants to taste her fried rice before serving it to the judges but doesn’t and really regrets it! The judges all agree that she should have tasted it, as it is her job to serve the best to her customers.

Everyone is very nervous heading into the critics table expect Takashi–who has immunity. The White Team comprised of Chris, Art and Thierry are the judge’s favorite team. The winning chef is Art who wins $10,000 for his charity.

The Green Team with Kerry, Mark, and Lorena¬†are the judge’s least favorite team of the night. After deliberating, the judges eliminate Mark Gaier. Curtis tells Mark they will be making a donation to his charity.

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