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Project Runway Recap: “Fashion Is Not For Sissies!”

August 09, 2012 08:56 PM by Shayla Perry

As Heidi Klum always says, in the world of fashion, one day you’re in, and the next, you’re out…literally. After Andrea Katz‘s disappearing act, there’s even more drama on Lifetime‘s Project Runway, as the designers learn just how tough the fashion business really is. Who else decided that they’re not cut out for this competition?

Knowing that he threw Andrea under the proverbial bus, Christopher Palu is worried about the confrontation he assumes is coming, so he’s completely shocked when he and the other designers arrive at Michael Kors‘ flagship store the next day and hear that she left.

According to Tim Gunn, they tried to reach out to Andrea and she didn’t respond, but they “have every reason to think she’s safe and sound.”

Ven Budhu, Buffi Jashanmal, and especially Christopher are all p—ed that Andrea would do something so “cowardly.” How many designers would have killed for the chance to compete on the show? And what kind of example is she setting for her students?

Fashion isn’t for the weak-hearted though. Or as Michael so eloquently puts it: “Fashion is not for sissies!”

For those who think they’re strong enough to go on in the competition (what’s the opposite of a “sissy”?), this week’s challenge shouldn’t be too difficult: to design a look – using their own aesthetic – for a woman on the go; something practical and comfortable, yet stylish and able to last through the day.

Fabric is definitely an important factor for this challenge, so everyone’s frantic searching for the perfect threads at Mood, except for Kooan Kosuke, who’s strangely subdued. Not a good sign.

When they get to the workroom at Parsons, all of the designers are buzzing about Andrea. Now, Christopher is singing a different tune, saying that he feels bad that he’s probably the reason she left (ya think?!).

Buffi starts to console him, but she’s interrupted by Kooan, who has an announcement he wants to make…he’s leaving…like NOW!

Nathan Paul breaks down, telling Kooan that he understands how he feels because he wants to leave too — but he’s not.

A completely confused Tim Gunn comes into the workroom to give an update on Andrea and a little pep talk to the others, when Kooan explains to him that he’s decided to go and “make it work” his own way.

So… we’re down to 11.

Make that, 12.

With Andrea and Kooan out, Raul Osorio is back in and plans to stay.

Buffi and Fabio Costa may be in trouble of leaving though. Their looks just aren’t coming together, but Buffi’s not in the mood for Christopher’s “friendly advice.” Actually, his suggestion to use black instead of pink made her even more confident in her choices; somewhat confident.

She and Fabio both agree that their looks aren’t the best they’ve sent down the runway, but by no means are they hanging their heads in shame, like Raul, who just knows that Nina Garcia‘s going to HATE the styling that he put together at the last minute.

After the show, Heidi lets Ven, Alicia, Gunnar, Melissa and Nathan know that they’re safe. But who wins the challenge?

The judges are in love with Sonjia Williams’ gray draped dress and Christopher’s black dress and leather jacket. Dmitry Sholokhov‘s execution is per-fec-tion. Buffi’s look, however, is a definite disaster, and so is Raul’s.

In the end, it’s Sonjia who not only wins the challenge, but guest judge Hayden Panettiere also asks to wear her dress at a red carpet event. And the designer who’s out this week? Buffi.

What did you think of tonight’s cah-razy episode of Project Runway? Do you think Andrea and Kooan should have left the competition? Should Andrea have told everyone that she was leaving instead of going in the middle of the night? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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