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Big Brother 14 Recap: Chef Joe Arvin Tastes Defeat

August 12, 2012 06:21 PM by Ryan Haidet

On the heels of Janelle’s eviction from the Big Brother 14 house, tonight’s episode left Joe feeling all by himself because he was the only person who voted to keep her in the game.  Trying to keep his cool after the first taste of defeat, Joe stewed in his own anger.  “There’s some despicable human filth in this house,” he said in the Diary Room.  Amazingly, he also said he was completely blindsided by Janelle’s eviction because Wil, a former ally, didn’t tell him the tides had turned against Janelle.  Naturally, chef Joe felt like his future in the game may actually be cooked with Frank back in power as Head of Household.

Boogie felt like the last three evictions went perfectly because he didn’t really like any of the people.  Moments later, Boogie said it made sense to nominate a member of the Silent Six alliance as a pawn.  That way it would distract the other houseguests from figuring out there’s an alliance.  Taking it one step further, Boogie suggested they put Dan on the chopping block as their new pawn.

Joe’s Plea

In a desperate attempt to spare himself from being nominated for eviction, Joe approached Frank and offered up yet another deal.  Joe said he is essentially alone in the game and wants to prove he can be a loyal player since he has nowhere else to turn.  His best move was rolling the bus over Wil by saying he is the guy who has flipped and lied so many times.

Wil’s Instincts

Making a very strategic play (not!), Wil went to Frank and Boogie and said he knows they are targeting him.  Strangely, he wanted them to know that he’s fine with their decision because it shows he’s honest and fair.  But then Wil made a big mistake and said he believes there’s a large alliance that has formed — but he went no further acting very arrogant.  It bit him in the ass, too, because Boogie and Frank felt like he was a cocky prick.  Instead of making Wil the pawn against Joe like they originally planned on doing, they were starting to think maybe he should be their main target.

Frank’s Trust Concerns

Out of seemingly nowhere, Frank was hungry to evict Dan because he just can’t seem to trust the guy.  He felt Dan had tried to boot him from the game so many times before that it was his time to bite the dust.  But Boogie didn’t feel the same way.  He felt stabbing Dan in the back would show they can’t be trusted at all because it only took them one week to turn on the Silent Six alliance.

And The Nominees Are…

When the nominations were revealed, Frank did the predictable thing by putting Wil and Joe up on the chopping block.  But I find it interesting that Frank is so interested in getting Dan out of the house that the upcoming Power of Veto competition could be very exciting to see.

Extra Crap

The episode had loads of filler in it.  From Frank discussing his goofy dreams, Ashley having wild back spasms, the guys playing pool basketball until Boogie broke the new hoop and Danielle continuing her crush on Shane, there was a lot of fat in the hour that could have been trimmed.  Even the first haves vs. have-nots competition with the houseguests dressed like lemons and limes was a challenge duplicate that forced everybody to basically hump juice out of each others’ costume.  It was filled with 5th-grade sexual references with Jenn essentially riding Danielle and Frank giving it to Boogie from behind.  Remember, this is the same show that felt saying “douche bag” on live television was too distasteful to be heard.  Apparently humping makes tasteful television.

The only part of filler that was fun to watch was Boogie telling Britney that he doesn’t believe Danielle is actually a teacher like she claimed to be on the first day.  He believed she was either a medical student or a nurse because of the chatter she’s had all summer about medicine.  Neither of them could understand why she would lie about that because there really is no benefit.  It was funny to watch Boogie call it out so smoothly without any level of doubt.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Do you think Frank made the right nominations?  Who do you hope is evicted Thursday night?  Do you think Dan could be backdoored?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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