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Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Recap: Sally

August 12, 2012 11:15 PM by Gina Hall

Sally is a 45-year old mom and was never considered obese until her 30′s. An injury caused her to spend a year in a wheelchair and her weight ballooned up to her 335 pounds. Can Chris Powell save this woman on this installment of “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition?”

Chris Powell has his work cut out for him. Sally is a tour bus operator in Washington, D.C. and has a bit of a soda problem. Her fridge is full of soda, a big diet no-no. She realized she was overweight while watching football and realizing that she outweighed many of the  players.

At her first weigh-in she comes in at 335 pounds. The dietitian shows Sally that she’s drinking over five pounds of sugar every week.  Phase One will be to lose  lose 85 pounds. Chris Powell will give her a a makeover and a shopping spree if she completes her goal. But Sally breaks down again during one her workouts with Chris.

Sally complains  a lot during her workouts and has a hard time sticking to her diet. She admits to being “wired to eat wrong.” She’s only lost 40 pounds after 50 days. Her husband doesn’t seem interested in helping her out at all.

The 90-day weigh-in rolls around and she’s eight pounds short at 258 pounds. Her Phase 2 goal will be to lose 50 pounds. If she loses the 50 professional surfer, Larry Hamilton, will give her lessons.

Sally completely breaks down once Chris leaves Washington, D.C.  She’s not doing her cardio and drinking soda by the pitcher. Chris gives her a surprise visit and weigh-in. She comes in at 263 pounds. Chris indicates that Sally’s exercise regimen has failed.

Sally meets with a therapist and talk about her relationship with food. Sally has made food a comfort zone.  Sally is at 238 pounds for her 6-month weigh-in.  She should have lost the 50.

Since they got the guest star for the episode, Sally still gets her lession from Laird Hamilton. Chris invites Sally to his home to spend time with his wife Heidi in Arizona. Chris says Heidi would be the pit bull to his golden retriever. Heidi inspires Sally to push harder, maybe the woman-to-woman peer pressure does the trick.  Sally loses 5 pounds while staying with Chris and Heidi.


Sally has lost 28.9% body fat, down from 50%. But for her to meet her Phase 3 goal Sally needs to weigh 199 pounds or less. But she’s still at 210 pounds. She’d got a ways to go. Will she make it in time?

Dr. Stoker tells her that she’s not eligible for the skin surgery, but if she reaches 200 pounds at the end of the program, he’d still be willing to perform the surgery.

At the one year mark Sally arrives at Lincoln Memorial for her big reveal. Sally weighs in at 197 pounds! She’s has lost over 138 pounds. She will be able to schedule the skin surgery. She will lose six square feet of skin due to the stretching from her weight. Way to go Sally! Hope you can keep it off in the future!

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