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The Bachelor Pad Recap: Bring On The Love Rectangle!

August 13, 2012 07:34 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

The last episode of The Bachelor Pad was a bit messy, both drama-wise and in the literal sense. After an interesting obstacle course challenge and an incredibly close vote, Reid and Donna were sent home. But if you thought last week’s episode was heavy on the drama, you haven’t seen anything yet! 

Everyone gets paired up for the coming challenges, but not everyone is happy with his or her match. Jamie is especially upset, as she’s all alone. That might not bode well when voting time rolls around. The other contestants were a bit luckier, although not all of them would agree with that statement. Power couples for the week include Rachel and Mike, Jaclyn and Ed, and Kalon and Lindzi.

Since the contestants apparently don’t get into enough trouble on their own, Chris decides to speed up the mischief with a decidedly nasty survey. These answers are later used in a game show-style competition, during which contestants guess who came up with any given answer. For example: who thinks that he or she is by and far the most accomplished person in the house? Predictably, the answer is Ed.

The winners of the competition are….Jaclyn and Ed! Hmm, maybe there is some truth to Ed’s supposed accomplishments. He did, after all, manage to snag himself a rose and immunity. Only a real winner is good enough for Jaclyn apparently, because she doesn’t hesitate to choose Ed for her date.  They head over to Dodger Stadium for a quick game of baseball, followed by a romantic picnic. In the picnic basket is (surprise, surprise) a rose, but since Ed already has one, Jaclyn will be giving the rose to another guy. The lucky recipient then gets to choose one of the women for a date. The choice is supposed to be Jaclyn’s but she asks Ed for his help and he selects Chris.

Time for a little love triangle drama! Well, it’s more of a lust triangle. Or a rectangle? Jamie has the hots for Chris, but it’s clearly unrequited. Still, when he gives Jamie even a minimal amount of attention, she translates that to meaning that she’ll be out on the town with Chris in the near future. Chris shocks Jamie by awarding his rose to Sarah. Both Jamie and Blakeley look like they’re about to murder someone (most likely Sarah) when they hear the news. Jamie demands some answers from Chris, who tells her that he’s only trying to protect her. Amazingly, Jamie falls for the ploy.

Chris and Sarah’s date actually looks like a lot of fun. They make an action movie together and end up getting a little action in another sense altogether. Of course, Blakeley and Jamie are both very hurt by all this, so they do what comes naturally: fight!

A new day arrives and everyone is whisked away to the deliberation room. The contestants are all desperate to save themselves, except for Chris, who is desperate to send Blakeley home. One corner of his love rectangle is, in fact, sent home, but it’s not Blakeley. Instead, Chris’ supposed friends go behind his back and vote off Jamie. She’s heartbroken…Chris was her soul mate after all! David is also sent home, but he’s surprisingly chill about it, saying that Bachelor Pad has been a “great experience.”

Okay, we gotta admit…we’re kinda going to miss Jamie’s gullible nature. But there’s plenty of other crazies in the house to make up for her loss.

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