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The Glass House Recap: That Girl

August 13, 2012 09:30 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on ABC‘s The Glass House, Jeffrey is broken up about his decision to send Erica to limbo, and the rest of the house is still trying to figure out why he did it. But after she comes back into the game ready to claw his eyes out, Jeffrey’s starting to rethink things. Will their friendship survive the competition? Or even the episode?

Even though the viewers voted for her to come back into the game over Gene (no surprise there), Erica’s still angry that Jeff put her in limbo and didn’t tell her he was going to do it.

He says that it was strategic, and that he wanted to make sure Gene was going to be sent home, but he also mentions the fact that one-by-one, Erica has gone through everyone in the house, ultimately choosing Kevin over them. You know…Kevin, the guy with commitment issues who’s made it absolutely clear to everyone that he has no interest in Erica; almost everyone.

Erica completely denies that she’s more concerned about Kevin than anything else, which makes us start to doubt everything that comes out of her mouth.

With only 5 players left in the game (where did the time go?), only the one with the least votes is revealed before the challenge, and that is Mike. Who’s going to be competing against him?

That will be determined by the four other contestants. Each of them gets to vote for who they want to go head-to-head against Mike in the challenge AND who they want to win a trip to Panama City.

Shockingly (not really) Erica votes for Kevin to get the trip, but as “a token of friendship,” Jeffrey votes for her to get it…and for himself to go against Mike.

He got what he asked for. (And guess who Erica wants to take with her on the trip? Yup, Kevin.)

It doesn’t take long before Kevin, Andrea, and Mike realize why Jeffrey voted for himself. Suddenly, they’re faced with having to send Erica back to limbo yet again, and she lets them know that she’s not happy about it if that’s what they’re planning on doing.

In the challenge, it’s Mike’s body vs. Jeffrey’s brain.

Despite her hurt feelings, Erica’s still cheering him on. But don’t be fooled. She knows that if he wins, she’s going into limbo with Mike, and has a better chance of coming back next week.

After several attempts, Jeffrey comes out on top, which Kevin thinks could just win him the game.

And if that doesn’t, his vote to send Kevin into limbo just might. In doing so, he creates a tie, which forces Mike to have to choose who he wants to go to limbo with him. Of course, Mike chooses Erica BUT, there’s another twist.

Instead of going to limbo, they get to stay in the house. One of them will still be eliminated, though, so think of it as an “in house limbo.”

Next week, the finale! Who do you think will win the grand prize?

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