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The Real Housewives Of New York City Recap: Talking In Circles

August 13, 2012 07:25 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of New York City is all new tonight on Bravo.  It’s the big photo shoot for Sonja Morgan’s toaster oven!  But when Ramona isn’t invited to the shoot – all hell breaks loose.  Plus, Aviva’s dad makes another guest appearance and his libido is unstoppable! 

Carole is hosting a holiday party for the ladies, plus George!  The look on Sonja’s face is priceless when she walks in and sees the horny old man.  “I was so happy to see that Carole placed George next to LuAnn,” Sonja jokes.  The party gets started with a little white elephant gift exchange.  Among the gifts are espresso cups, coasters and a S&M sex toy - I wonder who brought that? 

Heather is all business when she arrives at the toaster oven shoot.  Uh-oh, Sonja is over an hour late and Heather isn’t pleased. ”I feel like I care more about this brand than she does,” Heather shares with the cameras.  Sonja has absolutely no sense of urgency and it’s driving Heather insane, especially because Heather isn’t getting paid.  Business Heather is no fun – hollar!

While Heather is busy setting up the photo shoot, Sonja drags her stylist into the bathroom to help her change her tampon.  Yes, she drags this guy in the women’s restroom while she screams about having a young uterus.  In a major TMI moment Sonja yells, “It looks like someone got murdered in here.”   After Sonja deals with her tampon issues, the photo shoot finally begins.  Heather is adamant about getting the shot in with the half-naked man.  It’s now Sonja’s turn to show her vision, which includes food in the toaster oven. 

All the women head over to Carole’s house for a little get together.  When Carole suggests ordering a pizza, Ramona is horrified by the thought.  Carole admits she isn’t the hostess with the mostess, but does invite the girls to St. Barts for a trip.  All the girls are so excited, except for Aviva.  Aviva is terrified of leaving her husband and flying on a small plane. “Sometimes it’s good to face your fears,” LuAnn tells Aviva.  Aviva wants to bring Reid on the trip, but the ladies tell her to just think about coming alone.

Ramona is hosting a launch party for her new red wine and all the ladies have come to support her.  It just so happens that Ramona is also on two magazine covers and has them on display.  The one photo of Ramona is unrecognizable!   ”Airbrushed, overly airbrushed,” Aviva jokes about Ramona’s photos. As soon as Sonja walks in, Ramona wants all the details on the photo shoot.  Sonja admits that Heather steamrolled her at the shoot.  Right away, Ramona opens her big mouth and tells Heather what Sonja just told her.  Ramona pulls Heather aside for a one-on-one talk about not being invited to the toaster oven photo shoot.  The discussion escalates and Sonja is dragged in the middle of Heather and Ramona’s fight. “I have yet to be at a party where Ramona hasn’t been involved or caused some drama,” Carole tells the cameras.

Sonja’s socialite friend is having a fabulous soiree, so Sonja has invited all the ladies.  Out of the blue, Aviva approaches LuAnn about the whole wine game they played on Ramona.  ”Aviva is so annoying,” Luanne tells the cameras.  Aviva thinks LuAnn’s behavior doesn’t reflect that of a Countess.  As soon as Jacques walks out the door, Ramona starts talking bad about him.  Heather is annoyed by the girls’ behavior and tells Aviva that she shouldn’t talk about people. When did Heather become a saint? ”You talk behind my f*&king back,” Ramona yells at Heather.  The fight isn’t over, so the episode ends with a “to be continued…” 

What did you think of tonight’s RHONY episode?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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