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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Only Six Chefs Remain!

August 14, 2012 03:00 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Last time on Gordon Ramsay‘s Hell’s Kitchen, black jackets were earned by DanaChristinaBarbieJustinClemenza, and Robyn. With only six chefs remaining, who will go home next?

Immediately following receiving their black jackets, Dana and Robyn celebrate with a dance. Justin and Clemenza reflect on how far they’ve come.


Working in pairs – Clemenza and Dana, Christina and Robyn, Justin and Barbie – the chefs have to recreate a Gordon Ramsay dish based solely on sight, smell, and taste for the “taste it, now make it” challenge.

All three pairs correctly identify the protein, which is veal. The next ingredient on the list is proscuitto – Dana and Clemenza earn that point. Bacon gives Christina, Robyn, Justin, and Barbie a point. The challenge comes down to the final ingredient. Dana and Clemenza chose madeira over port wine – and the were right! Dana and Clemenza win the challenge.

As the winners, they are treated to a fun and relaxing day at Silverwood Lake.

The losers – Christina, Robyn, Justin, and Barbie – have the pleasure of cleaning and tending to the laundry with James.  James brings a feather duster and looks way too happy about it. Justin tries to avoid ironing by paying extra close attention to the fish tank, but James quickly reminds him who’s is boss. Justin grumbles his way through ironing chef Ramsay’s laundry.

Dinner Service

As the final six are preparing for the first dinner service as the black team, Ramsay announces they’ll be competing against another team. The other team is made up of six Hell’s Kitchen runners up - Russell (season 8), Jay (season 7), Kevin (season 6), Paula (season 5), Bonnie (season 3), and Virginia (season 2).

As if the black team stands a chance against these pros! The returning chefs are working out of the red kitchen. They’re consistently putting out quality food.

Meanwhile, over in the blue kitchen, the black team is making rookie mistakes. Robyn starts off working the cold appetizers station. Christina says, ”All you have to do is put dressing on leaves!” Yet, Robyn manages to mess up. Robyn’s salads don’t have enough dressing.

Then, Clemenza and Robyn get ahead of themselves and start preparing food that hasn’t even been ordered. Dana is in charge of the fish station. Her timing is off, so Ramsay suggests she ask for help. Now that Clemenza and Robyn aren’t cooking food for imaginary guests, they’re standing around with nothing to do. The only problem is, Dana doesn’t want help from either of them. Can we blame her? With Ramsay staring her down, Dana reluctantly asks Clemenza to cook scallops. Clemenza serves them raw. Dana lets Robyn try. Robyn is lectured by Ramsay after she ruins the scallops. Seems as if Dana was better off alone.

Surprising no one, the returning chefs complete their dinner service. Miraculously, the black team also finishes their service. Needless to say, really, but Ramsay declares the returning chefs the winners.

Ramsay tells the black team, for the first time working together, their efforts weren’t bad. Still, they’re making careless mistakes.


Back at dorm, Dana, Clemenza, Christina, and Robyn argue over nominations. Justin is staying silent, enjoying a popsicle.

The team nominates Robyn and Clemenza for elimination. Surprise, surprise.

Robyn is nominated because she has her hands in everything. She’s constantly starting things but finishes nothing.

Clemenza is nominated because he still cannot cook scallops! Ramsay points out that this is Clemenza’s sixth time being nominated. Ramsay spares Clemenza, again, but not without offending him. Clemenza vows to step it up (for the hundredth time). Ramsay tells Clemenza that he doesn’t see “Vegas” when he looks at him.

Robyn is eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen. Finally.


Robyn intends on proving she’s better than the other chefs. Her parting words, ”I’m gonna show all those <beep> that they can go <beep> themselves!” Well, with such a way with words, Robyn could always fall back on motivational speaking.

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay bring someone back to the kitchen. Who is it? The final five contestants are obviously not happy about whomever it is.

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