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Condoms Explained! Chad Johnson Was Cheating On Evelyn Lozada

August 15, 2012 09:00 AM by Lisa Princ

Evelyn Lozada revealed yesterday that she is filing for divorce from her husband of just over a month, Chad Johnson, after he was arrested for domestic violence against her. The dispute originally started when the Basketball Wives‘ star found some condoms in the couple’s car, and it appears that Evelyn had reason to be upset! At least that is what a former mistress of Johnson says!

Yep, apparently Evelyn Lozada has good reason to be pissed over the receipt for condoms that she found in the car, which is what led to Chad Johnson head-butting her, and ultimately, ending their short marriage. According to a new report from Radar Online, 30-year-old Beverly Shiner recently told them all about her affair with Johnson, which started back in January, and continued through May of this year (about the time Chad and Evelyn were making wedding plans).

“We would get together when he was in back up in Boston,” revealed Shiner, adding that she knew he was engaged, but she had assumed they had broken up. What makes no sense is that she also claims that she followed Evelyn on Twitter, so she knew exactly when The Basketball Wives star would be out of town. So, which story is it? She knew or she didn’t know that he was engaged? We think she knew, but just didn’t care.

In any event, the affair lasted until May, when Shiner claims that Johnson started to change his demeanor with her. Despite the fact that Chad Johnson talked about moving in with the mother of two, one night when Evelyn was away he invited her over, but then didn’t bother to let her in. Shiner explained: “I got upset and told him, ‘You are not the guy I thought you were,’ to which he replied that he had been sleeping and warned me, ‘You’re overstepping your boundaries a little bit. I’m not your man, keep your comments to yourself.”

After that confrontation, Beverly Shiner says that Chad cut ties with her because: “he didn’t like the comments I made.” So, it looks Evelyn had a good reason to suspect the condoms – she was right!

Since the news broke, Chad and Evelyn’s VH1 spin-off, Ev & Ocho, has been canceled. However, they were recently featured on the first episode of HBO’s docu-series, “Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins.” HBO execs have decided that Chad’s arrest will be mentioned on the show.

What do you think about Chad Johnson cheating on Evelyn Lozada? Did you see this one coming? Something tells us that most of you were not surprised, as we were not either. Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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One Response to “Condoms Explained! Chad Johnson Was Cheating On Evelyn Lozada”

  1. victroty Says:
    August 16th, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    I dont know why she is upset about the condoms she gave him permission to cheat and told him tojust be honest so why confront him about the sistuation and we all no she was not an innocent victim and she stated that she deals with her own problems without police so why be the Victim instead of the thug she portrays on BBW


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