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Hollywood Exes Recap: Jessica Versus Mayte, Whose Side Are You On?

August 15, 2012 07:03 PM by Martha Zaborowski

The Hollywood Exes on VH1 are taking sides following Jessica and Mayte’s fight. Andrea and Sheree think Jessica was insensitive for discussing her abortion with Mayte, and was insincere in her apology for hurting Mayte’s feelings. Nicole thinks it was totally inappropriate for Mayte to fight with Jessica in front of the group and to throw a glass. Whose side are you on?

Nicole Murphy

Nicole thinks Mayte should apologize to Jessica because, no matter how hurt she was, it was wrong to throw a glass. Mayte doesn’t think she needs to apologize and that she was reacting honestly, and that she and Jessica should just try to move on. Moving on then.

Nicole is looking at her recent modeling photos, and she looks stunning! There’s a good possibility that she is going to be, count it, 44 and in Vogue magazine.

Sheree Fletcher

After several months on the shelf, Sheree’s sample of Whoop Ash is Goop Ash. It feels like mayonnaise. So if the developer can’t get it together, she will have to whoop some ash elsewhere.

In the meantime, Sheree is schooling Jessica on how to apologize. She explains that being defensive in her apology and calling Mayte “crazy” diminished any credence to her apology.

Andrea Kelly

Drea is having dinner with Percy who is being rather persistent about getting it on with Drea. Oh, and to be in committed relationship with her. You think he likes Drea more than being on TV?

Mayte Garcia

Mayte gets a group invite from Jessica to a polo match and thinks she was sent the invite “by mistake.” Sheree checks with Jessica, and Jessica confirms she meant to invite Mayte. Mayte isn’t sure this is the right moment for them to meet.

Mayte goes to see a therapist to address some of her deep-rooted issues involving children. She begins to realize she pushed away some of her feelings after her baby died, and those feelings have manifested into pain and rage. The therapist tells her “you’re a mom,” and Mayte feels so validated that the therapist was able to succinctly address that she is a mom, and that even though it was short-lived, she wasn’t a failure.

(Writer’s note: If you can’t empathize at all with Mayte’s pain in this scene and see at least part of her side in her argument about Jessica’s insensitivity, then I’m concerned for humanity.)

Jessica Canseco

Jessica and Nicole go to Vegas to check out Nicole’s billboard. Can you believe it’s her first billboard?

Nicole, Drea, and Mayte show up to the polo match. They have a Pretty Woman moment and step on the divots after the men play. Jessica then invites Mayte over to talk. Jessica says she’s trying to be the “bigger, better person.” Oh no. That does not sit well with Mayte. Mayte doesn’t understand why Jessica can’t apologize without a “but,” but they drop it for now.

What did you think of this episode? Which Hollywood Ex do you like best?

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Photo courtesy of VH1

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