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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Top Ten Revealed On Mia Michaels’ Night

August 15, 2012 07:03 PM by Candace Young

The Top Fourteen have had two weeks to kick back, chill out, and watch the Olympics, but now it’s crunch time as four more competitors will be gone by the end of tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Keep reading for highlights from the performances, judges’ comments, and, of course, to find out who gets the boot…

Cat Deeley introduces the dancers and announces that tonight’s entire episode of So You Think You Can Dance will be dedicated to the choreography of Mia Michaels! So all the dances will be Michaels’ routines we’ve seen in previous seasons. Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and guest judges Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt, take their seats. A photograph of Nappytabs, Tabitha, and their new baby is shown. Adorable!

The Top Fourteen perform an edgy contemporary dance to Hanging On. The women are in black gowns and the men in black tuxedos, however there’s a bit of a bondage theme going on. A few dancers in white emerge and throw red rose petals at one point – intense!

Cyrus and Eliana are up first. They will perform a Michael’s routine to Mercy by Duffy. It’s the one with the door in between them, and let me tell you, Cyrus does some mind-boggling rippling action up against that door! One of the lifts looks awkward, but it’s great overall. Nigel remarks on Cyrus’ moves but felt Eliana was stronger. Mary’s on board with Nigel’s comments. Michael and Billy were entertained and thought it worked.

George and Tiffany will be doing the Hometown Glory routine from Season Four tonight. Mia thinks they’re going to murder the piece. From the thoughtful beginning to the more dramatic middle and end, they absolutely do. Expectations met! Mary cries, “Call 911 we just witnessed a murder on stage!” She compliments their technique, but warns Tiffany against over-performing. Michael and Nigel each agree with that assessment.

Will and Amelia are doing Koop Island Blues, with Amelia’s big concern being whether she has enough ‘junk in the trunk’ to pull off the routine! The sound and costumes have a 1940′s feel, so it’s perfect for Amelia, and Will seems quite suited as well. It’s smooth… Nigel thought they fell short when it came to bringing their characters out as compared to the last couple who did the routine. Mary enjoyed it, as did Billy, who has nothing to compare it to.

Dareian and Janelle score Dreaming With A Broken Heart, the one with the mattress on a ramp, aka, the bed routine. The choreography is intense, with some very original moves and fantastic use of the prop. I love it. Michael and Billy have a few issues, one of them being Janelle’s hair becoming a distraction. Nigel felt like it was almost a solo piece for Dareian as Janelle didn’t have much to do. He says Dareian’s technique is even better than Twitch’s. Mary agrees, but also mentions Janelle’s hair, and Dareian’s foot issue.

Audrey and Matt will be doing the piece Mia composed after her father’s death. Matt is happy she trusted them with the piece. The song is Time by Billy Porter. Flowers are strewn across the stage and Matt and Audrey are in white as they portray the reunion of loved ones after death. It’s gentle and beautiful to watch. Mia has tears in the audience. Mary is choked up too, but didn’t feel the passion and truth from Matt. She calls Audrey a shining star. Billy agrees that Matt kept dropping his performance. Nigel found it lacking as well.

Witney and Chehon perform the Michaels’ routine with just a park bench and sunflower as props. It’s incredible the emotions they convey, and the story they tell with just that – amazing! Nigel’s very pleased with it – one of his favorite routines of all time. Mary agrees it’s hypnotic. Michael compliments Witney and tells Chehon he’s always got a job with them.

Cole and Lindsay will be doing Addiction. In practice, Mia tells Lindsay not to worry about being a pretty dancer in this piece. It’s tense often dark, and very moving. Michael is very impressed. Mary echoes that sentiment – she loves the routine and it was the best for her.  Nigel, who admits he’s been somewhat disappointed tonight, says Cole and Lindsay come out on top for him.

Cat quickly calls the group out and tells Cyrus and Eliana they are safe. Tiffany is told she’s in the Top Ten, but George is in danger. Will also goes through, but his partner, Amelia, is at risk. Janelle and Dareian are both in the bottom of the votes. Matthew and Lindsay are also in danger. Witney, Chehon, Cole, and Audrey are safe and in the Top Ten.

Nigel asks that all those at risk of going home dance for their lives. Amelia, Janelle, Lindsay, George, Dareian, and Matthew do their solos.

After, Nigel announces that from the girls, they will save Lindsay. Amelia and Janelle are headed home. From the guys, they elect to save George. Dareian and Matthew are leaving the competition.

Your So You Think You Can Dance Top Ten are: Cyrus, Eliana, Tiffany, Will, Witney, Chehon, Cole, Audrey, Lindsay, and George.

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3 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Top Ten Revealed On Mia Michaels’ Night”

  1. David Jordan Says:
    August 15th, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Very dissapointed in tonights show. I like Mia Michaels and her routines, it doesn’t matter who’s routines were revisited, the judges, esp Nigel, unfairly compared this years dancers to those who came before them. The judges are always telling the dancers to bring more of themselves, and be an original. So what do they want? copy someone or be themselves? Also, as a loyal viewer of all seasons, the judges saved the wrong dancers, both boy and girl tonight.

  2. Andrea Says:
    August 16th, 2012 at 6:15 am

    Should not have cut Dareian. And who the hell keeps voting for Cyrus?

  3. Eliza Says:
    August 22nd, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    This is the worst season by far! Very boring…


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