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Braxton Family Values Recap: On That Baby Train

August 16, 2012 09:18 PM by Shayla Perry

It’s time to get your feelings out! The Braxton sisters are back for another season of drama and trippage on We‘s Braxton Family Values, and we’ve got all the highlights from the season premiere. What’s going on with Toni, Tamar, and the rest of the ladies?

This season on Braxton Family Values….

Tamar is still on the baby train with her “husbanger,” Vincent, hoping to bring a little one into their family, but unfortunately, it’s going to be a bit harder than she thought.

Fertility treatments three times a day? Uh-uh. BUT, everything looks good for the egg retrieval.

Towanda offered to carry the baby for Tamar, and she’s seriously considering it. How else is she going to be able to pursue her solo career and “drop it like it’s hot” on stage?!

That’s something that Towanda’s going to have to discuss with Andre first, though.

And maybe Trina should talk things over with Vincent, too. He’s not sold on the idea of rubbing his sister-in-law’s belly, but he is willing to meet a few surrogates. Trina’s only request: they all have to be from “tribe ugly.”

Things haven’t been going so well for Traci. The hair salon she tried to start in the DMV (DC area) didn’t quite work out, and with Toni looking for new back-up singers, it looks like she’s going to need to spend a lot of her time looking for a J-O-B. And that’s some “BO”! (In our Traci voice.)

Toni – “the superstar” – has a new album coming out, which means she’ll be busier than ever promoting it. First, she’s gonna need those “doo-whop-pop-chicks”….and she’s got all of her sisters to help her find them.

She whittles it down to four that Trina and Towanda are helping her get ready. Except, after she sees them dance, Toni’s thinking she needs to find some different girls. Will she end up asking her sisters to step in for her after all?

Mama Evelyn is doin’ her own thang, working as a life coach. She and Doc aren’t engaged anymore, (officially making him a “was-band”) but she still wants him to help her out with her business, so they meet and talk about how they can collaborate. Will this lead to a little sum’n sum’n down the road? Doc hopes so, but it doesn’t sound like mama’s havin’ that…yet.

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