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Project Runway Recap: There’s No “I” in T-E-A-M

August 16, 2012 07:49 PM by Shayla Perry

After the disaster that resulted in Andrea Katz leaving the competition in the middle of the night, none of the designers are happy to hear that once again, they’ll be teaming up with each another for their challenge. Who won, who lost, and who could use some brushing up on their teamwork and social skills? All the highlights from tonight’s episode of Project Runway after the jump.

This week on Lifetime, Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia announce that the designers will be working in two teams to create a fashion capsule collection for professional women that’s editorial, but will also work in the real world.

Each team will also be directing their own photo shoots, with the winning teams’ photos being featured in Marie Claire.

As the winner of the last challenge, Sonjia Williams gets the first pick of team members and she chooses Elena Slivnyak. They also add Melissa Fleis, Dmitry Sholokhov, Alicia Hardesty, and Gunnar Deatherage.

On the other team, Nathan Paul chooses Ven Budhu, Christopher Palu, Fabio Costa, and Raul Osorio.

As the last one picked, Raul is UP-SET, but mostly because Christopher didn’t choose him to be on his team. After all, he thought that they had a “connection.”

According to Christopher, there weren’t any hard feelings, he just thought that Raul would do better on the other team, since he gets along better with the people there.

In the workroom, Tim Gunn meets with “Team 5″ (Nathan’s team), and “Team 6″ (Sonjia’s team) to get them started.

Right away, Sonjia suggests that her team break up their ensembles, with each person contributing two pieces that they can do really well. But Raul takes issue, wanting to let everyone know that he wants to create something that he can defend in front of the judges. (What’s that saying about “no ‘I’ in ‘Team’” again?)

Gunnar, of course, is having trouble on his team working with his best frenemy, Christopher, and Ven, who both have very strong design opinions.

After an insane outing at Mood, the designers head back to the workroom to try and make sense out of everything that they bought. It’s then that Elena realizes she’s missing a bag, which starts a virtual team meltdown.

Despite their troubles, Tim Gunn is pleasantly surprised by what they’ve managed to put together so far…except for Raul’s top, which looks — um, like it needs work.

With all of the talent on Team 5, it’s amazing (as in, amazingly sad) that they haven’t been able to come up with anything cohesive. Unless the look they were all going for was “clownish.” If that’s the case…NAILED it!

As Gunnar scraps the team’s idea to create his own look, Sonjia tries to get Raul to get started on the vest he’s supposed to create so she knows what to do for the skirt that she needs to go with it.

At the photo shoot, Elena takes over, but the team fights back when she decides that she doesn’t want to use any of the props they were given in the pictures.

After the runway show, there’s a tie score between the teams, so who wins?

Gunnar’s dress is not a fave of the judges, and his teammates agree that it’s the weakest of the group.

For Team 6, Melissa’s blue dress is a definite showstopper, but Raul’s top doesn’t go over very well, and his teammates think it’s the worst in their collection. Dmitry, however, calls out Elena for her bad work ethic.

The judges deliberate and decide that Team 6 will have their photos featured in Marie Claire @Work. And the winner? Melissa!

At the bottom, it’s Gunnar and Raul, and once again, Raul hears that he’s out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you agree with who the judges chose to send home? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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