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Chris Harrison Wants Ryan Lochte On The Bachelor

August 17, 2012 03:30 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

The second the closing ceremony ended, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte began dropping not-so-subtle hints about how much he wanted to transition to reality TV. The two shows he is most interested in pursuing are Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. And there’s a good chance he could wind up on both! DWTS loves Olympians…and apparently, so does Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

Ryan Lochte loves the spotlight, which is probably why he’s so eager to be on all the hottest reality shows. If The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison gets his way, Lochte will have no problem getting a prime TV spot. Of course, there’s one little stipulation: in order to be on the show, Lochte must agree to strip down. “Did you see him in his Speedo? I mean, all of America stopped. It’s a female driven show, come on!”

Chris Harrison has one other small request: “I think if he promises not to pee in the pool we’ll be alright.” Well, worse things have happened on The Bachelor than pool urination. That wouldn’t even make the top ten!

Getting Lochte to film in a Speedo should not be too difficult. He’s already used to showing his abs off for millions of viewers. Asked how he felt about wearing next to nothing on The Bachelor, Lochte responded, “that’s fine,” adding that having spent most of his life wearing Speedos, “there’s not much of a difference.”

Are you ready to see an Olympian grace the small screen as The Bachelor or on Dancing with the Stars? Or do you wish that Lochte would just get back in the pool and be quiet? Share your thoughts below!

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One Response to “Chris Harrison Wants Ryan Lochte On The Bachelor”

  1. missreezySbaby Says:
    August 17th, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    ew… he should avoid the bachelor at all costs.. trashy show with trashy wannabe-actress fake hoes… he’s better than that. he should go for dwts and then focus on training for Rio so we can see more of his sexy abs at swim meets over the next few years till 2016!! #lochtenation


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