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Lady Gaga warns PETA, Calls Kim Kardashian ‘Fabulous’

August 17, 2012 03:00 PM by Gina Hall

Lady Gaga created quite a stir recently when she was photographed wearing fur jackets, catching flak from animal rights organization PETA. She went on to create controversy by defending Kim Kardashian’s fur fashion choices. So who’s pissed at both the stars and will that create an unholy alliance between Gaga and the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star?

Lady Gaga previously told Ellen DeGeneres, ‘I hate fur and I don’t wear fur.’ So when she was photographed wearing fur, PETA’s Dan Matthews accused the pop star of hypocrisy.

“Many of your gay fans, I among them, have long admired what you told Ellen … I included a link because these recent photos of you in fox and rabbit and with a wolf carcass make it appear that you have amnesia,” he wrote. “What happened? Are your stylists telling you that it’s fake or are you a turncoat?” Unsure why Matthews needed to include his sexual preferences in a statement about animal rights, but so be it.

Matthews went on to tell the singer that by wearing fur, she’s making herself  “a target, just like the mindless Kim Kardashian,” the 31-year-old star of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” who was flour-bombed on the red carpet by a PETA supporter in March. Kardashian handled the attack with some grace, brushing herself off and resuming interviews.

Gaga responded via Twitter to Matthews’ open letter by saying, “For those press and such who are writing about whether or not my fur is actually real, please don’t forget to credit the designer Hermes,” she wrote. “Thank you!”

Gaga proceeded to rally around Kim Kardashian and warned PETA supporters not to ambush her in public. “To campaigners, save your flour to make bread for the children who are hungry. And Kim Kardashian is fabulous.”

Do I detect a reality show in the works for the diva duo?

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