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Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Recap: Jarvez

August 19, 2012 11:15 PM by Gina Hall

Tonight is the finale of “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition,” so what does fitness guru Chris Powell have in store for us? Meet Jarvez. Jarvez is from Portland, Oregon, he’s 28 and he’s over 500 pounds. Jarvez used to be an offensive lineman as a guard but now he isn’t moving very quickly, he can barely get out of his car. So is Jarvez up for what Chris Powell has to dish out?

Jarvez knew he was getting to big for his britches when had to call in sick to work because he had torn all of his pants and had nothing to wear. Jarvez claims that his weight gain stems from the death of his mother.

Chris Powell surprises Jarvez at work. Jarvez steps onto the scale and comes in at 548 pounds. Jarvez starts in on Chris Powell’s “Fight of Flight” workout. Jarvez pushes through, where most contestants have failed.

Jarvez returns to his home, which has been made over to make workouts and eating healthier, easier. Jarvez’s Phase One goal will be 135 pounds in three months. If he does it, Chris offers Jarvez two tickets to the Super Bowl.

Jarvez takes Chris on a pedicab tour around the city. Jarvez breaks the bike seat. But Jarvez keeps working out and eating right. Day 90 rolls around for the Phase One Weigh-in. Jarvez has lost 142 pounds, he’s going to the Super Bowl!

Now Chris will leave Jarvez and Jarvez has to continue the program on his own. His Phase Two goal will be to lose 80 pounds. In the meantime, Jarvez heads out to Super Bowl and gets to meet Green Bay Packer Ahman Green. Jarvez gets to spend a day training like an NFL player.

It comes time for the Phase Two Weigh-in. The scale needs to read 326 pounds, but he comes in at 358 pounds. But a 190 pounds in six months is pretty good.

Jarvez and his wife go on a second honeymoon in Tucson, Arizona. Chris shows up to surprise them with a bike ride. Remember that Jarvez had broken a bike seat earlier, so Jarvez refuses. Chris talks him into it though and Jarvez and the seat maintain their integrity.

It’s time for Jarvez’s Phase Three Weigh-in. He comes in at 284 pounds! He’s lost 74 pounds in the last three months which is what Chris notes is more than what most contestants lose in Phase One.

At the end of Jarvez’s year on the program it’s finally time for the moment of truth. Chris calls it one of the “greatest transformations of all-time.” He’s excited for everyone to see the new Jarvez. Jarvez steps on the scale and comes in at 267 pounds. He’s lost over 281 pounds this year and that takes him from a size 70 waist down to a size 38 waist.

When they follow up with an epilogue, Jarvez has gained 20 pounds back. But he’s working hard to keep it off, he rides the bus to work to avoid the drive-thru and he keeps active by refereeing basketball games. But he’s happy he’s lost all the weight because he’s now expecting a new baby girl. Good luck, Jarvez!

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