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Bachelor Pad Recap: Twist Leaves Alliance Shattered!

August 20, 2012 07:13 PM by Candace Young

Last week, following a nasty questionnaire challenge on Bachelor Pad, Jamie and David ended up hitting the road. This week brings a teacup challenge and a huge twist. A contestant you’d never suspect will leave this week, and the circumstances leading up to it are as dramatic as it gets! The episode kicks off with Blakeley and others gunning for Chris…

Blakeley likens Chris to sh*t on the bottom of her shoe, and then cozies up to Tony. Chris is miserable that she’s still in the Bachelor Pad. Sarah joins him in bed as he mopes. In the living room, Stagliano leads the charge against Chris, who is viewed as a traitor and has a target firmly on his behind.

Chris calls Kalon McMahon over and asks who he voted for. Kalon tells him he voted for Jamie, not Blakeley as promised, and then mocks him to the camera, saying Chris has bad ideas and it amuses him to watch them backfire on him. Likewise, Ed admits to Chris that he, too, voted for Jamie. Ed blames it on Jaclyn – he had to obey his partner. They argue heatedly and Chris says Ed wouldn’t even be here if not for him (wow, too much!). Ed smashes his glass on the way out of the room. Oooh.

Tables full of teacups and saucers and trays greet the group as they join Chris Harrison outside. They realize it’s a race. Former Hooters waitress, Blakeley, is thrilled. Harrison announces a slight change this week – the losers won’t be penalized. The contestants have to run back and forth between the tables 7 times, adding a cup and saucer each time. They must successfully transfer six cups and saucers without dropping them. Chris whines that Blakeley has an unfair advantage. Ugh.

The ladies go first. Soon the teetering trays are leading to piles of shattered dishes on the ground. Blakeley is ahead but drops her goodies as she’s about to add her last cup. Sarah appears to win, but is disqualified for, ahem, touching her cups. Blakeley wins. Cue more whining from Chris.

The guys take their turn at the teacup challenge, expecting it to be virtually impossible. Blakeley coaches Tony every step of the way, which drives everyone else (read Chris and Sarah) nuts, and he wins! Erica Rose muses that there’s no fury like a woman scorned and Blakeley has taken her revenge!

As the other guys snigger about how this couldn’t have gone worse for Chris, Blakeley announces she’ll take Tony on her date. Due to Tony having the other rose, they are told to give one rose to another guy in the house. Predictably Blakeley gives hers to Kalon, who she considers to be loyal, so he and Lindzi can get out of the house.  When given a choice, Blakeley chooses the overnight date for her and Tony. Kalon gets the other date, which is that night, but not overnight – no brainer – he takes his girlfriend, Lindzi. Diamond jewelry and a key to a sports car feature.

Lindzi and Kalon have a cool dinner date set up on a bridge that’s been closed down just for them – there’s even a chandelier! Kalon actually seems like a nice guy on this date – what’s up with that? He makes a heartfelt speech and Lindzi loves it. Can this be the same guy who called Emily Maynard’s daughter ‘baggage’?

Back at the house, Chris wallows in ‘what ifs’ and sulks about the guys lying to him. Sarah soothes that he’s been such a good friend to them etc.  Chris decides to pay Kalon back by getting rid of Lindzi this week. Oh boy…

Tony and Blakeley get their date card – something to do with seeing stars. They also get keys – to a jeep! They drive off, leaving the others to wonder whether she’ll eat Tony alive. Blakeley’s convinced their date will get way more posh at any moment, but they wind up at a trailer in the desert!

Blakeley copes somehow, and they sit down to a campfire dinner and open up about their feelings. I feel like they’re an odd couple. Tony dials in the country station on the radio and they dance before sealing up in their tin can trailer for romance.

At the house, with Lindzi and Kalon safely in the hot tub, Chris begins his campaign against Lindzi by sucking up to Ed.  Meanwhile, Mike cuddles up with Rachel and he lets her know she’s erased all the bad memories of Holly from the mansion.

Blakeley and Tony talk about their date when they return the next day. Chris squirms, grimaces, and complains that Tony is under Blakeley’s spell. Later, he has the audacity to tell Tony he owes him and can pay up by voting out Lindzi!  Tony relays this information to Blakeley immediately. She puts in her two cents and Tony gives his rose to…well, he’s about to say a name when Chris interrupts and pulls him outside. Blakeley’s eyes are like dinner plates. Tony returns and gives the rose to Jaclyn.

Chris Harrison joins the group at the cocktail party, where the consensus is that Chris and Sarah will be going home tonight. Chris, of course, believes he’ll get Lindzi voted off. When Harrison asks about couples, Ed hurts Jaclyn by saying he’s not there for love. Harrison then announces a twist. Everyone is to vote for one girl to go home tonight. The kicker is that the girl will then get to decide on a guy to leave the house with her – no votes, just her decision.  This changes everything. Tony, Blakeley, Jaclyn, and Kalon have roses and are safe no matter what.

In a nutshell, those who were planning to eliminate Sarah (and Chris along with her), realize that’s no longer an option because she’ll take a big dog with her – like Stagliano. Mike shudders that he’s going to have to take a shower after tonight, because he has to plot against good friend, Erica Rose. The hope is that Erica will believe Chris orchestrated her exit and will take Chris out with her. Outside, Ed has a spat with Jaclyn, who cries over his earlier diss.

As the voting commences, Stagliano’s plan appears to be working. Erica suspects Chris, and he knows it. Michael is telling Erica that Chris definitely voted for her when Chris appears. He takes Erica to the voting room with him so she can see him vote for Lindzi! This is a first! Erica vows to Michael if she’s leaving, she’s taking the house down with her.

Rose Ceremony

The one woman with the most votes will be leaving Bachelor Pad right now. Blakeley and Jaclyn are safe. Roses go to Sarah, Rachel, and Lindzi. Uh oh, Erica Rose is going home and she’s upset. She wants to break up an alliance and get back at someone who wasn’t a real friend – she chooses Mike Stagliano to leave.

As they say their goodbyes, Rachel cries to Mike that she doesn’t want to stay there and then confronts Erica. Erica has no regret over ridding the house of the little puppetmaster. She goes off on an unbelievable rant – even going so far as to say that the best thing Holly ever did was to dump him! Ouch! Thankfully, they depart in separate limos.

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