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Face Off 3: An Amazing Premiere Lies Ahead

August 20, 2012 08:00 AM by Ryan Haidet

Wow.  Fun.  Exciting.  Entertaining.  Those words are the best way for me to explain the upcoming premiere episode of Face Off season three on SyFy.  As a fan of the show, I was lucky enough to receive a DVD screener of season three’s first episode and it definitely delivers the goods.  On top of showcasing some outstanding makeup talent, the 90-minute debut features the most drama Face Off has ever seen.  That drama leads to something that has never ever happened at the Face Off reveal stage.  Excited yet?

Firstly, in receiving the DVD of the first episode, SyFy has requested that I not reveal any of the challenge winners or who is eliminated.  This article respects those wishes but does offer an in-depth first look at season three, which premieres at 9 p.m. Tuesday, August 21.

The episode kicks off with the 12 new contestants assembling around a rooftop pool party hosted by actor Sean Astin.  In no time, host McKenzie Westmore arrived and got the competition rolling with the first challenge of the season in which the contestants had to create a unique facial makeup on a model.  The first challenge definitely didn’t deliver the excitement I was hoping for — and many of the final makeups weren’t that impressive.  But that really didn’t matter because the rest of the episode was worth every second.

In the first spotlight challenge of the season, the 12 newbies were randomly divided into pairs to create a modern character that could fit into the famous cantina scene from “Star Wars.”  Naturally, the contestants were geeked up about the first battle because it was based on one of their favorite movies of all time.  Amazingly, one of them, Alana, had admittedly never seen the movie.

While nearly every team worked together extremely well throughout the first challenge, there was one pair that despised each other.  Their disagreements and arguments filled much of the remainder of the episode as the duo, who I will not reveal in this article, created the absolute worst makeup I’ve seen in Face Off‘s history.  Aboslutely terrible.  Neville Page, the new judge, even said the makeup job was so bad that it was disgusting for him to look at.  I seriously can’t wait for all of you fans to see how hilariously pathetic the fighting pair’s finished product turns out to be.  I think I could create something better with my toes — and I have zero skill in the world of special effects makeup.  It’s such a train wreck that is entertainingly painful to see and the reaction from the judges is so funny I had to rewind and watch it over again (thanks Ve Neill for such an awesome laugh).

In the mix with the fighting duo, the premiere also showcases some truly amazing talent.  The top two makeups are so impressive that it’s hard to believe the artists behind the creations aren’t already working in big budget movies.  Just wait until you see the creativity.  It’s absolutely stunning and so much fun to watch.

I’ve said this repeatedly in previous articles, but if you have never seen an episode of this show, please give it a shot.  It’s one of the few reality shows on television that visually captures true talent.  The gobs of creativity, fun subject matter and drama are the perfect mix for a perfect show.  Face Off is definitely one of the best reality shows on television.  Pure entertainment.

Are you excited for the upcoming season of Face Off? Are you a fan of the show? Who is your favorite contestant based on first impressions? Sound off and leave a comment below!

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