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Stars Earn Stripes Recap: Seek And Destroy Causes Panic Attacks

August 20, 2012 08:02 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes, we watched as two of the toughest contenders, Dolvett Quince and Terry Crews proved that they needed to take swimming lessons after the very first mission. After Dolvett’s elimination, the remaining teams were back tonight with a seek and destroy mission that sent panic throughout!

Stars Earn Stripes was back tonight with more action and excitement, although it was crammed into an hour episode. After Nick and Eve impressed everyone with their incredible time last week, they were given a surprise tonight – a shootout between the two of them, which would allow one of them immunity this week, aka a free pass into next week’s mission without having to compete tonight. This one didn’t even have a chance to be a battle, as Eve blew Nick out of the water with her insane shooting!

We’re guessing though that the shootout really had nothing to do with their performances last week, but was simply to even the teams out this week. All of the duos were put into teams of four once again, but this time it was: Laila and Todd, Picabo and Dean, and Nick and Terry – with their operatives as well.

The mission this week was “seek and destroy,” in which the contestants would have to jump out of a plan, scale a building, and of course, shoot at targets. Okay, the mission should have really been titled “nerve-wracking” as that is what it did to some of the contestants. We watched as both Laila Ali and Dean Cain struggled to scale down the wall – yeah, we know, Superman, really?

Despite the struggles, both of these contestants proved they could do it when the time came. Who didn’t struggle at all tonight? Picabo Street and Todd Palin! Both of these two competitors proved how tough they really were, and what heart they have. It really did not come as a shock tonight to see Picabo or Todd do so well (since they both did last week as well), and honestly, I am betting we could see these two in the finale – what do you think?

And the biggest panic attack on Stars Earn Stripes came from Nick Lachey tonight – and not even from his own mission! As Nick watched Todd Palin jump out of the airplane, his panic set in, and he started to have doubts that he could do it. When it was Nick and Terry’s turn, Terry (and all of us at home) could see the fear in Nick’s eyes as he waited in the plane. Could he do it? Of course he could, although it seemed like it took him forever.

And that forever cost Nick and Terry some very valuable time – about 20 seconds that they trailed behind Todd and Laila (who landed in second place). Kudos to Superman and Picabo for having the fastest time, but you know what that meant – Terry Crews was headed to the shootout again, but this time with Nick Lachey instead of Dolvett Quince. Would Terry prove to be the comeback kid again?

Terry definitely had the advantage going into the shootout, and he started off very strong. But as he struggled with the targets (just as he did last week), Nick took the upper hand and got to the sniper gun first. Unfortunately for Terry, it only took Nick two shots to get the explosive – he blew it up before Terry even finished with the second part of the shootout.

Kudos to Terry for giving it his all. At least we can be sure of one thing – Terry won’t be in the elimination shootout next week! However, two stars will be eliminated next week instead of one!

Did you tune in to Stars Earn Stripes tonight? What did you think of the show? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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  1. Jim Says:
    August 20th, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    And the Palin bashing will begin.


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