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The Glass House Recap: You Win Some, You Lose Some

August 20, 2012 09:03 PM by Shayla Perry

It all comes down to this! After weeks of hangovers, hookups, and tears (mostly from Jeffrey), it’s down to the final five contestants on ABC‘s The Glass House — Kevin, Erica, Mike, Andrea, and Jeffrey — and the popularity contest comes to an end. Which housemate walked away with the $250,000 prize? And does Erica leave the house with at least a little bit of diginity? All the highlights of the season finale, after the jump.

Tonight on the season finale of The Glass House….

While enjoying her in-house limbo, Jeffrey pulls his on-again off-again BFF, Erica, aside to ask her if she knows about Kevin’s main squeeze who he’s apparently been dating for a measly five years.

Erica acts like it’s not a big deal. Besides, in her mind, she’s already moving to Toledo.

So, the plan? Mike, Kevin, and Andrea are going to let Erica self-destruct, practically setting her up to get drunk so she makes a fool of herself and gets voted off.

And she falls for it in 3…2…..

Suddenly, Erica’s in tears, professing her love for Kevin as he tries to explain to her that he’s on a game show and there to win money. Period.

Later, Erica chats with Andrea and tells her just how she feels about her. Something about a “coniving little snake in a peasant dress.” For the record, we’ve never seen Andrea wearing a dress — peasant or otherwise — all season long. But, maybe Erica saw it around the same time she heard Kevin tell her that they were going to get married and have 3.5 kids.

In her tightest, reddest dress, Erica then pulls Kevin aside and says that she thinks he’s telling everyone else one thing and her another.

After a disappointing “roast,” Erica and Mike finally learn their fate, and it’s Mike who (again) is leaving the game. Soooo close.

But, there are still three more people who need to go.

A challenge determines who is automatically going into the final three. It’s every man or woman for themselves (and Jeffrey versus that darned harness again).

Andrea is uber confident, and rightly so. Jeffrey beats her to the buzzer, but he has two puzzle pieces out of place.

As Andrea is worry-free for at least one night, Jeffrey, Kevin, and Erica have to wait to find out which of them the viewers want to move forward.

Erica is shocked to find out that she’s safe and Kevin and Jeffrey are headed to limbo. Not surprisingly, Kevin wins that battle, leaving the final three to enjoy a fancy dinner together…and for Erica to drink some more.

THEN, the best moment: they find out that they’ve been under surveillance for more time than they thought and actually watch footage of Kevin trashing Erica…and subsequently telling her that he has feelings for her. (So she WAS right!)

Suddenly, Erica’s not lovin’ her man so much. But how do the viewers feel?

They quickly find out when they’re greeted by an audience consisting of all of their family and some of the former housemates.

Each contestant makes a pageant-like final plea before casting their last stones (which aren’t really stones and don’t matter at all). The face left intact is the winner…Kevin!

Tell us RTVM: What did you think of the finale of The Glass House? Do you want the show to come back for another season? Sound off in the Comments section below?

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One Response to “The Glass House Recap: You Win Some, You Lose Some”

  1. A.J. Says:
    August 21st, 2012 at 7:17 am

    It was absolutely stupid. And, I felt sorry for Erica-even though she made a total fool of herself, what with drinking constantly, getting drunk, and then catching the dreaded “drunk diarrhea mouth”. It will be painful for her to go back and watch herself if her family taped it…
    Kevin-what a jerk. At least GH outed him and his two faced comments.


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