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America’s Got Talent Recap: Wild Card Acts Are…Wild!

August 21, 2012 08:10 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

After an epic fail of a YouTube round, America’s Got Talent is back with some of the best acts of the season! That’s right — the much-anticipated wild card round is here! We already know that Sharon Osbourne left a spot open for the talented clogging group All That, but who else was given a second chance?

The time has come for what promises to be one of the best wild card rounds in America’s Got Talent history. A number of amazing acts were cut earlier in the season, and the hope is that they’ll get another shot at that elusive million dollars! But they’ll really have to deliver the goods, or as Howard Stern puts it: “don’t blow it.”

Kicking off the wild card round is Spencer Horsman, the incredible escape artist. After a less-than-stellar performance in the quarterfinals, he’s been brought back by Howard. His new escape features an entrapment with 150 pounds of cement. He manages to make it out, completely covered in cement. Howard feels that Spencer was worth bringing back, as do Howie and Sharon.

We’ve known for awhile that All That! would be back for more. Sharon Osbourne promised them a spot, after all. There’s an excess of special effects — we think the clogging group could definitely pull it off on their own. That being said, their dancing was amazing! Howard and Howie don’t think viewers will pick up the phone though…let’s hope America proves them wrong!

Jarrett and Raja are back. Let’s guess: this must be the work of Howie Mandel. Well, at least it’s not Big Barry (cross your fingers that he doesn’t show up later this episode!!). The performance is not nearly as cheesy as last time, thank goodness. Howie jumps up and down with glee, rubbing it in everyone’s face when Jarrett and Raja don’t fail miserably.

Last time Jake Wesley Rogers was on America’s Got Talent, he didn’t choose the ideal song. Tonight, he’s back with Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory. Howard thinks that Jake is a great singer, but still is failing to make a connection with the audience.

After losing his balance in the quarterfinals, Cristin Sandu has been invited back to give his act another go. He makes it a little longer this time, but again, he falls down. Still, you’ve got to give this guy kudos for providing us with a dangerous and truly exciting performance. Sharon echoes our thoughts when she compliments Cristin for having cajones.

Todd Oliver’s back with his talking dog! Today, they’re chatting about a presidential run…canine style! Irving just might have our vote! All three judges love it and Howie compliments Todd for bringing some great material to the stage.

It’s time for the second balancing act of the night! The Bandbaz Brothers are back with a trick that killed with their grandfather. They’ve really stepped it up this time, but the constant wavering is still a bit distracting, although the judges still seem to think that it adds to the appeal.

Sebastien El Charro has returned with a little Frank Sinatra added to the mix. It’s cool to see that Sebastien can pull off another style while still keeping that mariachi feel. His voice was a bit weaker tonight than in past performances, but that might just be the effect of singing in English.

In perhaps the biggest letdown of the night, ball-buster Horse is back. Why do people find this entertaining?! The only way someone could possible enjoy this is if they happened to be 12-year-old boys. Howard must be a teenage boy at heart, because he clearly enjoys the act. Please, America, vote for someone with actual talent. Not this guy.

It’s wonderful to see Lindsey Norton return to the America’s Got Talent stage. She (unlike Horse) is truly a class act.  All three judges are full of praise, and for once, we agree with them. Even if she doesn’t make it through to the semifinals, we foresee a future in Cirque du Soleil for this amazing dancer.

We’ve all been waiting to find out if Andrew de Leon would return after his flub in Vegas. He’s back, and he doesn’t forget the words this time. Unfortunately, his voice is not nearly as good today as it was at the auditions. The audience loves it though and gives him a standing ovation.

Ben Blaque returns with a new and even more dangerous performance. This time, it’s not just his pretty blonde assistant being shot at! It’s definitely entertaining, but the setup is a tad bit too long. Howie thinks the two ended the show “on a spectacular moment.”

It’s definitely been an exciting night! We’re a bit nervous for the results show, because this time, the contestants don’t have the judges to fall back on for another chance.  Who did you vote for?

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