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Beverly Hills Nannies Exclusive Interview With Amanda Averill

August 21, 2012 06:26 AM by Megan Thompson

Amanda Averill, from Beverly Hills Nannies, is sharing the inside scoop about the ABC Family show.  These Beverly Hills Nannies have to deal with high-maintenance mommies, but can also receive some pretty lavish perks.  So how did this Wisconsin girl end up in Beverly Hills changing diapers?

The new reality show, Beverly Hills Nannies, captures the highs and lows of being a nanny to the wealthy.  Amanda Averill is one of the newest nannies in 90210 and is trying to find her way in the city.  Amanda shares with us how she went from Wisconsin to Beverly Hills, along with who she thinks is the best nanny on the show (besides herself, of course.)

RTVM: Being from Wisconsin, how did you end up in Beverly Hills? 

Amanda: It was quite the long winded ride.  I always had Beverly Hills on my list of places I would love to live.  However, I made a few pit stops in between.  I loved growing up in Wisconsin, but couldn’t wait to be a city girl.

RTVM:  What is the best perk of being a Beverly Hills nanny?

Amanda: Beverly Hills is full of celebrities, dignitaries, executives and rich kiddies – which means luxuries!  It’s easier to be a nanny in an affluent city like Beverly Hills, because everything is covered.  Employers can give you a car, hand over petty cash, take you on vacation and give you a higher income.  However, the perks do come with added pressures – so it’s a catch 22.

RTVM: Viewers saw you get your first Beverly Hills nanny job with Marika, are you still working for her?

Amanda:  Yes! I am currently still with the Tsircou’s.  Xander is going to be on the show next week, his big birthday party is coming up.  I have yet to see a Beverly Hills baby’s birthday party.  I can only imagine it probably closely duels an episode of “My Super Sweet Sixteen.”  Marika is a great mom; she is very much a Beverly Hills mom.  She has an all-natural cream, lotion, wipe, toy and snack for every occasion and situation.

RTVM:  Viewers see the nannies asked to a lot of “tasks” not related to the kids, like picking up dog poop.  What is the worst job an employer has made you do?

Amanda: There are endless tasks.  I was nannying for a very wealthy family who lived in a multi-million dollar home.   The kids were very spoiled and given anything they wanted.  Interestingly enough, the mother had me count hundreds of plastic bottles to exchange for pennies at the local grocery store.  After about 25 minutes of counting, how much do you think I saved her?  A whole $2.35… I’m not sure how far $2.35 will get you at Prada?  It is very strange, but I suppose I’m getting paid to do all things house and home related…I suppose!

RTVM:  Is being “friends” with Kristin really key into getting in the Beverly Hills nanny circle? 

Amanda:  Kristin has been a part of the Beverly Hills nanny scene for a long time, she is a great contact to have for someone like me who is new to BH. However, I have a lot of nanny experience and that has gone beyond the city limits of Beverly Hills, so I’ll keep my nannying style to my own.  It’s great to have support groups! Mother have them, so why shouldn’t nannies.

RTVM:  Besides you, who do you think is the best nanny or manny on the show?

Amanda: Justin is a fantastic nanny.  He is has the whole Beverly Hills thing down.  It’s important to not only be great with the kids, but to be great with the moms as well.  Justin has done this with great finesse. In fact, that’s why is known as the “Lady Sitter.”  Lucy is also a fantastic nanny, she is great with kids.

RTVM: There is a lot of drama between the nannies.  Are you on Team Lucy or Team Amber?

Amanda:  As a good Midwestern girl, I can’t choose a side!  I can only decide for myself what I think is right.  I think both have been totally out of line and I think both have really strong points towards each other.  However, stay tuned!  I may be calm and collected on the outside, but when my morals are pushed to a certain limit; my sassy side is let loose.

RTVM:  Kristin made the comment that Amber got a nanny job over you because she was less attractive. Do you agree with her statement?

Amanda: I have no idea if that is a Beverly Hills thing or what!  But it is AWFUL!  Amber is a beautiful girl.  I would hope that a parent would choose a nanny based upon experience and what is right for their child, not what is right for them.  However, since I’ve been in Beverly Hills I have heard that mothers are very selective over their nannies for fear their husbands will need their own “babysitting.”

RTVM:  Maggie is trying to be a nanny, but she is quite the party girl.  Do you think she has what it takes to be good nanny?

Amanda:  Maggie loves to have a good time, she is a blast.  I’m sure once she decides for herself what she wants to do; she will do great as a nanny.  Happy hour starts around 4 pm, she could get a whole day of nannying in before that!

RTVM:  Being the new girl in Beverly Hills, what is the main difference between you and the other nannies on the show?

Amanda:  I think I have the point of view of an insider looking in, except I’m actually in it. I’m the newbie!  I don’t have eyelash extensions, I use Sun-In to color my own hair, I paint my nails and I shop at Target!  I’m a normal girl breaking into Beverly Hills city life. I’m sure I will pick up some fabulous Beverly Hills tricks; however I’ll always stick to my roots.

Tune in Tuesday for an all new episode of Beverly Hills Nannies, check out a preview below:

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