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Face Off 3 Recap: The Masterful Makeup Monster Mash Is Back!

August 21, 2012 11:00 PM by Ryan Haidet

It’s back!  One of the best reality shows on television has returned with yet another awesome season filled with talent.  But there was a bit of mystery heading into tonight’s big debut of Face Off‘s third season.  If you look at the official cast photos, you will only see 11 new contestants.  But throughout tonight’s big 90-minute premiere there were 12 people in the game competing for the $100,000 top prize.  Joe is the missing 12th contestant from those images despite being a major focal point throughout the entire premiere.  But why on earth would SyFy leave out one of their contestants from the official cast photos?  I’m guessing it has something to do with his unexpected actions at the reveal stage prior to the first elimination.  On top of that, he’s part of an absolutely terrible final makeup that is so bad the judges don’t even want to look at it.

The First Challenge

Shortly after the new contestants were welcomed to a rooftop pool party in Los Angeles, they were greeted with their first challenge of the season.  Each contestant had to use one element from the pool party to create a unique face on a model.  I’ve seen better work in the first challenge of previous seasons, but this episode was so entertaining that it didn’t really matter that the introductory makeup was lackluster.  Actor Sean Astin was on hand to choose the winner of the first contest and he selected Eric, which gave him immunity from the first elimination.

Modernizing “Star Wars”

For the first major challenge of the season, the 12 new contestants were paired up into teams of two as follows:

  • Alana and Nicole
  • CC and Derek
  • Joe and Tommy
  • Roy and Rod
  • Laura and Sarah
  • Eric and Jason

Upon learning their first challenge was to create an alien that would fit in a modern version of the classic cantina scene from “Star Wars,” the contestants were totally geeked out.  They were even more excited to learn that the winning work would be posted on the official “Star Wars” website.  Shockingly, Alana said she had never seen “Star Wars” all the way through.  Hard to believe somebody so entrenched in movies hasn’t seen “Star Wars.”

Throughout the process of working to create their aliens, every duo seemed to get along extremely well — except for Tommy and Joe.  For seemingly the entire time they were together, Tommy and Joe were butting heads.  And it was primarily Joe’s negative attitude and controlling ways behind the battle.  He was constantly talking to Tommy like a child and even wiped some of his ongoing sculpture away because he didn’t approve.  Meanwhile, Tommy was trying to keep his cool by not snapping.

On the flip side, Roy and Rod worked flawlessly as a team.  It was almost like they had known each other for years.  Those guys were perfect together.

The First Big Reveal

Heading into the final reveal, it was clear there was one team that would be losing and that was Tommy and Joe.  This wasn’t even a contest.  These two created the single worst makeup I’ve ever seen in the show’s history.  More on that later.

Based on the judges, they ranked Eric/Jason and Nicole/Alana in the middle of the pack..  We didn’t hear the judges offer any direct opinions on either piece because they were immediately offered safety, but here’s how each looked:

Eric and Jason

Nicole and Alana

The judges said the best teams were Laura/Sarah and Rod/Roy.

Laura and Sarah: They earned big praise from the judges for their work.  “It feels like it has a story when I look at it and it feels like it belongs in the cantina.”  Glenn said.  He even called it the cleanest makeup they had ever seen edge-wise.”  I agree.  Fabulous work.  Definitely screen-ready.

Rod and Roy: They were eventually selected as having the best makeup for the week (Rod being named the official winner of the first challege).  Glenn said taking on this much work can be a team’s failure on this show — but in this case it was a massive success.  Patrick loved the immense detail.  Seriously.  Take a look at how incredible that makeup work is.  So amazing they were able to create such stunning work in a small sliver of time.

The judges selected the worst makeups were created by CC/Derek and Tommy/Joe.

CC and Derek:  Ve didn’t like the color because she felt it looked like a bad burn job.  Patrick, too, said he wasn’t very impressed — especially because of the extra eyes they placed up the forehead.  I thought it looked like a badly burned pepperoni pizza.  But this one really wasn’t bad at all when you compare it with the next piece.

Tommy and Joe: Admit it.  When you first laid eyes on this green gob of garbage you either laughed your ass off or you spit out whatever liquid you just sipped on.  Wow.  Before the judges offered up any opinions of the makeup, Tommy spoke up to apologize to the judges.  He said he wished he would have painted it and taken more of a leadership position.  He added that he was ashamed to present their work.  Tommy said that he wasn’t trying to throw Joe under the bus, but Glenn disagreed and asked Tommy to stop talking.  When the judges started weighing in, they really bashed the makeup.  Glenn said it was “singularly unexceptional.”  Ve hilariously said, “It looks like a squished frog that you put an Easter hat on.”  I seriously had to rewind that comment and watch it again because it was so damn funny.  I wasn’t expecting it at all.  Go, Ve!  Neville, the new judge, said it was hard for him to look at.

Now, to their credit, I’m sure Tommy and Joe are talent makeup artists — otherwise they never would have made it on the show.  They had to prove themselves in some capacity.  This just proves that their lack of cohesion strained their ability to succeed.  I found myself feeling bad for Tommy, too.  It can’t be easy to have somebody over your shoulder criticizing your every move.

But the big shocker of the episode came while the contestants were sitting in the makeup room as the judges discussed who should be eliminated.  Suddenly, Joe stormed out of the back door and quit the competition without saying “goodbye” or “see ya later.”  His decision to leave the game meant everybody else was safe from the elimination, which was clearly a massive relief for Tommy.  I guess it all makes sense now why he wasn’t included in the official cast images.  He obviously didn’t like what the judges had to say.

What did you think of tonight’s premiere episode?  Who is your favorite contestant so far?  Which makeup was your favorite?  What did you think of Tommy and Joe’s disaster?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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