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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: The Final Five

August 21, 2012 02:00 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on FoxHell’s Kitchen, Robyn was eliminated. This week’s theme is Italian. So, naturally, it’s Clemenza‘s time to shine! Right?! Who does Gordon Ramsay send home this week?

Immediately following last week’s elimination, the final five are feeling great about Robyn leaving.


Ramsay shows the contestants how he prepares Chicken Parmesan. Then, Ramsay tells the contestants that it’s time for Hell’s Kitchen Cooking School. They’re each assigned a Teen USA… they need to teach their Teen USA how to prepare the dish. Ramsay says this challenge tests their communication, leadership, and ability to teach.

Barbie and her Teen USA are falling way behind the other pairs, but they manage to plate their dish in time. Gordon Ramsay tastes the dishes to determine a winner.

Christina – cooked perfectly, more marinara, less mozzarella

Justin – delicious sauce, chicken too thick

Dana – too much mozzarella, good sauce, “wow”

Dana says there’s no such thing as too much cheese.

Barbie – near perfect, raised the bar

Clemenza – chunky sauce

Clemenza argues, “that’s classic marinara!”

The challenge comes down to Dana or Barbie. After tasting each dish one more time, Ramsay declares Barbie the winner. Barbie annoys the other chefs, especially Dana, when she says, “Patience is a virtue.”

Barbie’s prize is to enjoy a day of fine dining and kayaking through the Venice Canal. Barbie invites Justin to join her.

The losers prep the kitchen for dinner service. They make pasta ALL DAY LONG. They whine and complain ALL DAY LONG. When Justin and Barbie return, Justin feels bad for the losers, so he makes them dinner. Barbie compliments Justin’s dish. Everyone else, thinks Justin must be kidding! Oops – Justin served them pasta. The last thing they want to look at is more pasta. They’re being ungrateful brats. Clemenza even criticizes Justin’s food.

Dinner Service

It’s time for Clemenza to do his thing.  Despite being an organizational nightmare, Clemenza starts strong. Also on appetizers, Barbie messes up the risotto. Four times!

Moving on to entrees, Dana is burning the meat. Christina is burning the garnish. Justin takes the lead.

At one point, Ramsay is so disgusted with Barbie, he calls her a “stupid idiot.” He begs her to go home. She refuses to leave and keeps going.

Dinner service is complete, but Ramsay tells the chefs that their performance was an embarrassment to Hell’s Kitchen. He orders them to choose one person to leave the competition.


The choice at hand is between Clemenza and Barbie because of their sad attempt at appetizers. Dana, Christina, and Justin have a hard time choosing one over the other.

Justin tells Chef Ramsay they were unable to name only one name for elimination. Dana says it’s between Clemenza and Barbie. So, Ramsay asks both Clemenza and Barbie to step forward.

This is Clemenza’s seventh – and last – time being nominated. Clemenza’s famous last words, “I know I f***ed up, but…” Ramsay’s not interested in any more excuses.

Clemenza leaves Hell’s Kitchen on Italian night.

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay bring someone back to the kitchen. Who is it? The contestants are not happy about whomever it is. Hell’s Kitchen‘s season 10 final four are JustinDanaBarbie, and Christina. Who are you rooting for?

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  1. Josh Says:
    August 29th, 2012 at 4:23 am

    Ramsay! Getting rid of Clemenza! Pffffft, he was the sex! Beautiful man eating all the prep! =[


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