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The Week The Women Went Recap: Say Goodbye To Mommy

August 21, 2012 06:00 PM by Gina Hall

The Week the Women Went” debuted last week and we’re going to catch you up for tonight’s episode.  Last week all the women of the town were preparing to leave the small railroad town of Yemassee, South Carolina. Why? To see how the menfolk would do without the women to do, well women stuff.  Just as the women were preparing to leave, a storm moved in. Sound the ominous music…dum, da, dum, dum…

“The Week the Women Went” features the several families, some were not so worried about  the week-long separation, others were worried about lasting an hour. Jeff Foxworthy narrates the show as if this foretelling the apocalypse. If you can’t take care of your kids for a week — you might just be a redneck.

Darnell Wilson, father of two, was a mess. His son Hunter has severe ADHD and needs his medication first thing in the morning, or so reminded his wife Tracy. His daughter, Bailey, age 6, is also quite precocious, so it’ll be interesting to see how daddy handles the week.

Matt Noack, a U.S. Marine stationed in nearby, is going to miss Renee, his girlfriend of just less than a year. Renee has kids that aren’t Matt’s and he’s never been in charge of the three kids alone. He’s a Marine, though, how hard could it be? But Noack soon finds out that teenage girls and a 9-year-old boy are not exactly a war zone, but close. A

Another husband in the mix, Stephen Love says he’s always on the road and by being commuter he feels like misses life on the home front, and he wants to show his wife that homemaking is no biggie.

Justin Lane, 21, is Yemassee’s Fire Chief, yep you can be Fire Chief at 21 in Yemassee!  He lives at home and still gets pampered by his mom. Justin’s mom, Tammy, and girlfriend, Amy, will also be going on the trip.  His  three-year girlfriend wants to test Justin to see if he can take care of himself, no mommy there to put band aids on his boo boos. Justin is planning to propose to Amy and Tammy is none too happy about it. Justin does the whole on-bended knee proposal and Amy accepts! However, Tammy is seen crying, and not happy tears. It’ll be interesting to see what Tammy has to say to Amy during their little “vacation” and if Amy comes back an engaged woman. We’d be willing to bet that Tammy knows some of Justin’s little secrets.


Doug Carroll is the father of 15-month-old twins and has to move in with Darnell so they can work together for the week. They spend the day chasing the twins day. When it’s time to head for bed, Bailey, the 6-year-old, gets uppity and and refuses to go the f*#k to sleep. She starts whining for mommy and demanding cheese grits, which we guess is the equivalent to cookies and milk in the South. He waits her out and eventually lies there with her until she passes out.

Stephen doesn’t sleeps because he’s so worried he won’t hear his son crying. The the cliffhanger: the men find out that they must prepare for a beauty pageant for the girls. They’ll have to have all the dresses, makeup and hair done. And the pageant is on Friday. The men seem befuddled, but not too worried.

Will this turn into more of a disaster or will the men carry it off with ease? The way Jeff Foxworthy sounds on the narration, we fear for the children’s lives. Stay tuned for tonight’s episode.

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