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Hollywood Exes Recap: Growing, Changing, And Loving Each Other

August 22, 2012 07:08 PM by Martha Zaborowski

On this week’s Hollywood Exes on VH1, Andrea Kelly tries to find a solution to her class’s attendance problem at Millennium Dance studio, and Jessica Canseco and Mayte Garcia make up. Also, Sheree Fletcher and Nicole Murphy face some business setbacks.

Andrea Kelly

Drea is really worried about the turnout in her dance class, so the owner of the dance studio suggests she do a choreography showcase. Drea auditions some dancers. There’s a lot of booty-popping, limber ladies, and even some Fosse dancing. Drea is not satisfied with all the dancers, and she’s really worried–she has a lot of riding on this dance studio.

Sheree Fletcher

Sheree and her husband still live apart most of the week, and Sheree is really worried if she moves to San Diego full-time she will simply be known as a “preacher’s wife” and not as a mother and business woman. Sheree is very invested in the success of Whoop Ash, a body butter cream she created for ashy skin.

Sheree meets with an advertising guy to get some honest feedback on her product. He’s a little turned off by the name “Whoop Ash.” He thinks a name change could create a bigger market for Sheree. It’s a good point, but maybe what differentiates the product in the market is the colloquial-quality of the product’s name and that it’s meant for a certain segment of the population. I mean, at least half the world doesn’t need a tampon, but there’s a market for it.

Mayte Garcia

Mayte meets with Jessica to talk about their fight. Jessica realizes she needs to be more careful when talking about sensitive subjects, and Mayte is sorry about making Jessica uncomfortable. No matter where you stand in the Jessica vs. Mayte fight, VH1 did edit only a small part of their discussion, and we probably missed a lot of the more inflammatory comments Jessica made about abortion to make Mayte flip out. Do you think VH1 edited the abortion topic truthfully?

Mayte meets with her manager, and they discuss a potential movie role for Mayte. It involves dancing and Germany (where Mayte grew up), so this is right up Mayte’s alley. Mayte practices her lines with her mom. Nelly is meant for telenovelas.

Jessica Canseco

Jessica meets with Drea for dinner, and Drea reveals she was in an abusive relationship. She discusses how she witnessed an abusive love in her family growing up and how that manifested into her adult relationships. On the flip side, Jessica reveals that Jose encouraged her to get a nose job, even though she didn’t need one. Damn that Jose.

Nicole Murphy

Nicole has created an airplane-chic clothing line. Huh? Well, Nicole with her #HollywoodExesProblems was sick of looking scrubby after a flight, so she developed a comfortable but cute clothing line for travelers. Nicole might need to wear a a whole lot of her airplane-chic clothes if her fiance Michael Strahan gets the Live! co-host gig with Kelly Ripa, and he lives in NY and she lives in LA. Or maybe she’ll just live in New York instead of being one of the Hollywood Exes? I guess we’ll stay tuned.

Nicole’s clothing showcase is a mess. There’s no music, props, or clothes! I think even She by Sheree of The Real Housewives of Atlanta had clothes. Thankfully, the clothes eventually arrive in the nick of time and the clothing show ends happily ever after. (*yawn*)

Are you happy Jessica and Mayte made up? What do you think of Whoop Ash? Will you be sad if Nicole leaves Hollywood Exes?

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Photo courtesy of VH1

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