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NY Med Season Finale Recap: “A Very, Very Good Day”

August 22, 2012 08:06 PM by Shayla Perry

For seven weeks we’ve gotten to take a rare look at some of the heartbreak and hi-jinx that take place inside of New York City’s most prestigious hospital centers. Tonight on the season finale of ABC‘s groundbreaking series, NY Med, the talented doctors and nurses treat us to a few more great success stories that’ll have you reaching for your tissues one last time…until next season, that is.

This week on the season finale of NY Med….

After working on Wall Street for 29 years, Rita Saverino discovered that she has a tumor the size of a grapefruit growing behind her liver; something that no mother – or anyone, for that matter – wants to hear.

In order to remove the tumor, Rita’s surgeon, Dr. Tomoaki Kato, will have to perform what’s called an “ex vivo.” Fortunately for Rita and her family, it’s a procedure that Dr. Kato is known for all over the world. In fact, he’s one of the only surgeons in the world who can do it, so it seems she’s in good hands.

During the ex vivo, all of Saverino’s major abdominal organs will have to be taken out and put on ice as the doctors work to remove the sarcoma.

The surgery will take more than 12 hours, so Dr. Kato has prepped himself by having a good night of sleep and LOTS of coffee.

Seven hours into the surgery, Rita’s husband assumes that “no news is good news.” And just as he leaves to go home and take a shower, the nurses come out to let him know that the tumor has been removed.

Eighteen hours later, the procedure is completely finished and Rita’s husband can chalk it up to “a very, very good day.”

Someone else is about to have a good day, too.

At just 84 pounds, Jesse Gottfried looks like a “normal” 13-year-old boy, which would be fine if he weren’t 18.

Jesse suffers from Crohn’s disease, which has left his body unable to sufficiently absorb nutrients.

Dr. Fabrizio Michelassi is not only the Chief of Surgery, but he’s also a leading gastrointestinal surgeon who’s developed a new kind of surgery that could change Jesse’s life forever. No more eggs every day…he could finally have the chance to start eating all the horrible things other 18-year-olds are eating.

After updating his Facebook status and cuing up his iPod, Jesse is off to the OR where Dr. Michelassi cuts out the diseased portions of his intestine and reconnects the healthy parts.

The surgery is so successful that his doctor predicts that in three years Jesse will be 4 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier; especially after all of the cheeseburgers he plans on eating.

Tell us: What did you think of ABC’s NY Med?

If and when the show returns for another season, would you like to see most of the same doctors and nurses featured, or would you prefer fresh new faces?

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Photo Credit: ABC

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