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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: You Must Be Able To Role-Play To Stay

August 22, 2012 07:22 PM by Candace Young

The Top Ten competitors are joined by the All-Stars tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. There were some surprising results last week, with the likes of Amelia leaving, so it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next as another guy and girl must exit tonight.  Keep reading to find out which dancer will be overshadowed by partner, Twitch, and who will come to the end of the road…

The opening number is a jaunty Broadway-esque affair with top hats, army, and navy represented – a tribute to Gene Kelly! Cat Deeley introduces the So You Think You Can Dance Top Ten. Benjamin Millepied, who choreographed the feature film, Black Swan, joins Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy on the judges’ panel tonight.

Tiffany and her All-Star partner, Brandon, perform a routine which involves disco moves and grinding to You Make Me Feel.  It’s high energy, well-executed, and a huge hit with all three judges!

Witney is paired with Nick for a number in which she finally gets to be sexy! She’s dressed as a flapper, but they are in black and white (they’re ghosts) and the music and dance are both edgy. Interesting! Benjamin really liked it, Nigel says she lived up to expectations and could go all the way, and Mary agrees – she’s smouldering!

Cole and All-Star, Anya, are doing a Cha-Cha tonight. They perform to Glad You Came, and it’s attention-grabbing right from the beginning! She’s super sexy and although Cole can’t match her mojo, the martial arts man still has some impressive moves. Mary warns Cole about his footwork and says the chemistry wasn’t believable. Benjamin comments on the movement quality, and Nigel agrees with Mary – he was disappointed with the contact.

Lindsay is paired with Jacob for a shadow-themed routine which they perform to Me and My Shadow with top hats and high kicks featuring! It’s a fun performance full of sassy attitude. Nigel says Lindsay kept up with Jacob and was magnificent! Mary gushes and puts Lindsay on the Hot Tamale Train! Benjamin tells Lindsay it was musical and well-executed.

Will teams with Katherine to do a snake-charmer dance in which she is the sexy snake! The Bollywood music sets the scene, as do the colorful costumes. It’s mesmerizing to watch and Will gives it 110%, you can tell!  Mary calls him the Energizer bunny, Benjamin compliments his unique style, and Nigel tells Will he brings personality to everything he does.

Cyrus is up for a challenge partnering with Jamie for a contemporary routine. Cyrus can be seen hesitating a few times, but makes it look good! Benjamin liked the raw energy, Nigel points out that Cyrus has plenty still to learn, but is a person who has to dance, and Mary enthuses about how much Cyrus picked up in a week – they are connected to his passion.

Chehon is with All-Star, Lauren, for a hip-hop/contemporary performance that makes him feel ‘out of his league’.  It’s true some of the hip-hop gestures look unnatural on him, but otherwise he is undeniably sexy and the dance is terrific. Nigel jokes that Dave, the choreographer, took the stick out of him a bit – it was warmer. Mary acknowledges it couldn’t have been easy for Chehon and says she would have liked it to be a bit more funky, but he accomplished a lot tonight. Benjamin is complimentary about him loosening up his technical training.

George will be portraying a man who lets a train go by because of partner, Alison. They have a raunchy night in Paris.  It’s a sultry and theatrical routine – fun to watch! Mary thought it was a lot of fun and George’s technique was great. Benjamin’s a fan also, but Nigel didn’t buy the character at all despite George being technically strong.

Eliana is doing a darker contemporary number with Alex. Swathed in red light with a single dead tree as a prop, it’s a somber, moody performance that is just excellent! The judges get to their feet! Nigel blatantly says Eliana’s his favorite girl this season, Mary screeches that the hair went up on her arms, and Benjamin agrees she’s got it all.

Audrey is paired with All-Star, Twitch, in a hip-hop routine with a creepy feel to it. They emerge from a coffin and dance a jerky, zombie-esque number to contrasting music with a certain swag to it. Pretty cool. Benjamin thinks Audrey was over-shadowed by Twitch, Mary is more upbeat about her performance, but Nigel agrees with Benjamin that she could have brought more.


Cat Deeley calls the Top Ten to the stage. Witney and Audrey emerge as the bottom two girls after America’s vote. Chehon and George are the bottom two guys. One guy and one girl will be saved by the judges. Nigel asks the audience if they’d like to see solos. The crowd goes mad.

The four bottom dancers do their solos, and then it’s crunch time….but first, L.A. Dance Project performs.

Now, it’s truly crunch time. Witney is saved by the judges – Audrey is going home. For the guys, the judges save Chehon – George is leaving tonight.

Your Top 8 dancers are: Tiffany, Witney, Cole, Lindsay, Will, Cyrus, Eliana, and Chehon.

I’d say they got it right this week. Do you agree with the judges’ saves?

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