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The Week The Women Went Recap: Dads’ Challenges Begin

August 22, 2012 08:00 AM by Gina Hall

It’s the second day on “The Week the Women Went” and the dishes are piling in the sink and the toilet seats are up. Let’s see how this town of men deals without the ladies…

Jeff Foxworthy ominously narrates as the men go about waking children and changing diapers, which is no easy task.  Doug and Darnell also have to prep the children for a beauty pageant.

Kevin Rotunda has a bit of a wild child on his hands. Actually, his teenage son is kind of a dick. Jerome has been smoking pot and getting in trouble at school. He whines about getting a car loan from his dad, but Kevin wants him to start acting like a man before he’ll sign a car loan.

As part of the social experiment, one of the challenges is for the men to put on a tea party at the Richfield Plantation in South Carolina for a group of charitable women. Lin, the woman in charge, lists the chores, making open faced sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, and folding napkins.

Meanwhile, the woman of the town are partying and living it up in a tropical paradise. But Misty isn’t having such a good time. She’s never left her family to do anything on her own. She met her husband when she was twelve in town under the one stoplight they had. Can’t decide if that’s very romantic or very sad. She gets really homesick and breaks down crying.

Back in town, 14-year old Skylar is running her mom’s restaurant and flower shop. And Bug, all of 13, is in charge of her mom’s restaurant as well. Bug is one tough little cookie, making sure that the cooks stay on task.

Going back to the tea party, the men are making the dainty tea party food. Jerome is not helping. He just doesn’t care and gets in the way. Teenagers.

Doug and Darnell head to the grocery to pick up supplies for an “A” Day party, celebrating the day that Doug’s kids were adopted into the family. They start to see how challenging just taking the kids to the grocery store and they admit that they need to help their wives more often.

And the “A” day party goes down and Bailey wants to help clean up the twins. The guys appreciate her help, because they need a break.

The Cliftons (the family of the weepy woman from above) are at odds with each other at home. Misty’s husband isn’t really happy that she might be — well, happy. He never wants her to leave his side again. Now is that really romantic or just really creepy.

At the vacation spot, Misty finds out that her husband isn’t happy. Misty is really upset and wants to go home. It’s sadly childish that this woman can’t just enjoy herself away from her family.

Back in town, there’s only a couple more days until the pageant and Doug and Darnell are a bit overwhelmed. Matt, the Marine, has to deal with a teenager’s birthday party.  And the tea party is about to begin. The snooty “tea partiers” arrive and the guys aren’t quite ready.

At the vacation spot, some of the younger girls throw Amy a bachelorette party, complete with all the “passion” products and dildos. The older woman gossip about the party and have a good laugh about it.

The tea party is underway and Kevin drops a tray of food. No one helps him pick up and he’s really humiliated. Jerome hits on the woman as he’s doing his job, but he carries his weight.

Misty decides she has to go home.  She gives everyone at the vacation spot a tearful goodbye.

Matt throws the teenager party and he’s not much older than they are. All the teenage girls are hitting on him. The teenage girls decide to invite some boys to the party. Jerome is one of them, so it would seem none of the girls would be safe. But Jerome isn’t into younger girls and seems to know he’d go to jail if he “tapped that.”

Stay tuned for next week to see if they pull off the pageant!

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