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Braxton Family Values Recap: More of “This Baby Making Thang”

August 23, 2012 07:50 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on WeTV‘s Braxton Family Values, Tamar is in search of a “snaggle-toothed baby machine” to carry her child; someone who’s “sweet and sane and ugly as hell.” (Is that too much to ask?) But while she and Vince interview possible surrogates to help them start a family, Toni Braxton is working with some very special friends to help an important member of hers — her son, Diesel.

Tonight on Braxton Family Values, Tamar and Vince have decided that it’s probably not a good idea to have Towanda carry their baby for them. And even if they wanted her to, Andre didn’t sound like he was about to let it happen anyway. Not that Tamar was surprised by that.

They’re ready to start looking at surrogates – ones from “tribe ugly” per Tamar’s request – but not everyone is on board with that plan either.

Now, it’s Tamar’s father who’s having a hard time understanding why she doesn’t want to just carry the baby herself. She tries to explain that being pregnant wouldn’t be good for her career right now, because who wants to see her tryin’ to drop it like it’s hot while she’s 9 months pregnant?

Toni’s modeling for an autism campaign in New York City, and the designer of her dress – made completely from socks – is none other than Project Runway‘s Michael Constello. Even better? Shooting the campaign is our favorite “noted fashion photographer,” Nigel Barker.

Oh, and the ones behind the Where’s the Other Sock? campaign? SheKnows!

With a son who was diagnosed with autism five years ago, Toni’s committed to doing whatever she can to help the cause, which has been so instrumental in Diesel’s development.

For more information on the Where’s the Other Sock? campaign and to learn how you can help fight autism, click here.

It’s been a few months since Trina filed for divorce from Gabe, who wants to move back in now that he’s getting therapy for his sex addiction. Trina’s happy that he’s getting help, but not so thrilled that he seems to be using that as a ploy to get back in her um — house. AND, Gabe is apparently still angry about the fact that she “slobbed” some other guy’s “knob,” despite his own extracurricular activities.

For the record, the guitarist’s account with the First National Bank of Trina is officially closed, so there won’t be any more transactions, oral or otherwise, for him.

After all that talk about banking, Tamar and Vince chat about their baby plans before meeting with some potential surrogates, but Vince throws Tamar for a loop when he asks the cute, blonde chick if she’d be interested in moving in with them if she were to carry their child.

Good luck with that one!

Tamar’s hoping that “Bomquisha” is about to walk through the door, but the candidates keep getting more and more attractive. Hell to the naw!

Finally, the um… homely one that Tamar’s been looking for arrives, but after hearing that she’s homeLESS, T kindly advises her to research her options on gettin’ her life.

This search could take a while!

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Photo Credit: We TV

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  1. damond salary Says:
    August 24th, 2012 at 8:19 am

    i totally cant wait 2 c tamera&vincent reality show in four weeks. its gonna b awesome show 2 watch.


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