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Phillip Phillips To American Idol Judges: “Be A Little More Critical”

August 24, 2012 03:00 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson were way too easy on the contestants on American Idol. For some, all they had to do was clear their throat, and the three stooges jumped out of their chairs for a standing ovation. Phillip Phillips has some excellent advice for Mariah Carey and whoever may join her… find your inner Simon Cowell and tell it like it is!

Assuming the new American Idol judges actually, umm, judge, Phillip Phillips isn’t confident he could win again. When asked that question in a recent interview, he told MTV News, “I don’t know. That’s a good question because I don’t know how they judge.”

“I would say I hope they’re a little more critical,” Phillip said. “Because there were some times when I performed, especially on ‘Time of the Season,’ man, my ears went out, but that’s live television. I can’t just stop the song, so I just pushed through it as best as I could. And then they gave me good feedback and I was like ‘Come on guys, it was horrifying.’ So, I’d like for there to be a little more criticism on the show.”

Yes! Us, too. The judging on American Idol has become beyond predictable and borderline useless. There needs to be someone behind that table who isn’t afraid to speak the truth – someone like Simon Cowell. Speaking of Simon, he doesn’t think Mariah Carey is going to be the one to fill that void. “I think she’s going to find it difficult to say no,” he told E! News. “You’ve got to say no to people. And she’s sweet.” Hmm, Mariah sure didn’t have any problems saying no Nicki Minaj, did she?

While Phillip couldn’t say enough good things about Mariah’s talent, he isn’t sure how she’ll be as a judge. “She’s amazing, and I’m curious to see if she’s going to be very critical, like almost mean, or if she’s going to be really nice, and like ‘No sweetie, it’s just not right,’ ” he said. “She’s an amazing singer, so she’ll tell you if something’s off or not.”

“I’m curious to see how they judge, well, at least Mariah, because I don’t know who else is going to be on there. But if Nicki was on there.. she might be very critical, or she might not be.” Oh, Phillip, you give great advice but are horrible at making predictions.

What’s your prediction, RTVM? What kind of judge will Mariah Carey be?

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Photo Credit: MTV

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