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Big Brother 14 Recap: A Man Alone

August 26, 2012 06:57 PM by Ryan Haidet

If you missed the first 15 minutes of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 14, it was basically a review of what happened during last Thursday’s excellent episode with a few new bits mixed in.  After Boogie and Ashley were evicted at Ian’s hand, Frank was so intensely frustrated with the rest of the house.  He erupted and yelled at almost everybody — even calling Ian a “terrible person.”  As Ian escaped to the bathroom, he told Dan that his actions were going to send him straight to hell.  I’d like to add that he’d be going to hell with freshly shaved armpits (hahaha).  Meanwhile, as Frank’s rage roared, Britney asked him to stop yelling at Ian because he feels bad for his actions.  Oh, Britney.  I want you out of the house so badly I can’t stand it.  It’s a game.  Frank has every right to be upset.  After calming down for a bit, he moved from player to player to start a new strategic plan knowing that he was otherwise a man alone in the game.

After Frank decided he would try to work with Britney and Shane, he put his main target on Dan.  And then Frank showed his fight to stay alive by coming from behind in the Head of Household competition and claimed the power for the third time this season.  His victory also gave him the ability to choose one person to be a Have-Not for the week.  He chose Dan, which was a no-brainer.

Shortly after moving into his HoH bedroom, Frank told Britney he is going to put Dan and Danielle up on the chopping block.  She said it made sense for him to put those two up and vowed to help get Dan out of the game.

The Double-Edged Question Mark

Pandora’s Box made its return and taunted Frank with a chance to win boatloads of cash (potentially more than $10,000) in the locked room attached to his HoH bedroom.  Blinded by the almighty dollar sign, Frank opened Pandora’s Box.  Once inside he had to select three cubes, each filled with a random dollar amount.  The first was $1.05, the second was $7.11 and the last was $3,333.33.  After making his selection, Frank was locked inside for one hour as the other houseguests were told Pandora’s Box had been opened.  As a result, the houseguests learned that a second Power of Veto could be unleashed on the house — all they needed was 50 cents to work the mystery claw machine to pull out a golden ball.  Suddenly, thousands of plastic balls fell from the sky with quarters inside.  Everybody scrambled to collect a ball with money to take their shot at winning the ball.  Britney came stunningly close, but Ian was ultimately the guy who snatched the golden ball.

The most interesting element to Pandora’s Box was how much of a tool Dan became out of desperation.  He was lying to people, treating people like crap and showing his selfish side — and it turned off the other houseguests.

Frank’s Nominations

In the end, Frank nominated Dan and Danielle for eviction even though Ian is the guy who sunk knives deep into his back.  Frank then dedicated the nominations to Boogie and Ashley.  If Frank is hoping to get Dan out of the house, I think it’s a likely possibility.  Dan is totally worked up over being a target that I think his nerves and attitude will get the best of him.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you happy Frank won HoH?  Are you happy with his nominations?  Who do you think should be evicted this week?  Would you have opened Pandora’s Box?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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2 Responses to “Big Brother 14 Recap: A Man Alone”

    August 26th, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    OMFG Britney is such a piece of trash it’s not even funny. There is absolutely NOTHING to like about that little witch and I want her GONE. NOW. Same with Ian. Dan and Frank need to team up and take everyone else out.

  2. Dorothy Says:
    August 27th, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    I do not like Dan nor Danielle anymore. Especially Dan who through Ian under te bus to save himself and Danielle. You have got to watch Showtime 2. He turned on Brit and Shane also. He would never get my vote. Dog


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