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The Great Food Truck Race Recap: Hose Fight In Flagstaff

August 26, 2012 10:39 PM by Lori Wilson

Seven trucks were left to battle it out in episode two of The Great Food Truck Race. As the teams pulled into Flagstaff, Arizona, the wannabe food truck owners took what they learned from episode one and formulated new plans of attack. They were also thrown a curve when they were instructed to go strictly vegan.

The Challenge
Nonna’s Kitchenette, Momma’s Grizzly Grub and Seoul Sausage decided to team up to bring in more customers. They headed to the downtown area and parked in spaces a friend of Nonna’s Kitchen saved for them. Pop-A-Waffle decided to park in the grocery store parking lot, while Coast of Atlanta looked to set up shop at a kite festival. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the proper permits. They took to the streets trying to find a place to open for business. The Barbie Babes wandered around trying to find a place as well, while Pizza Mike’s joined the three other teams downtown. Barbie Babes and Coast of Atlanta eventually ended up downtown, with the latter team getting a hot tip on a parking lot they could open their doors in.

Truck Stop
Tyler delayed the familiar Truck Stop Cooking Challenge to mid challenge instead of presenting it a the top of the show as usual. Tyler called the teams and instructed them to use the edible portion of a cactus for a dish they had to put on their menu. Whoever made the best dish, as judged by Scottsdale chef Beau MacMillian, would receive immunity. The teams scrambled to create an edible dish while trying to carefully navigate the needles on the cactus. Chef McMillan relayed that the two teams who used the ingredients the best were Seoul Sausage and Pop-A-Waffle. He ultimately gave Pop-A-Waffle the much sought after immunity. The rest of the teams were unhappy to lose to guys making waffles.

The next day, the teams recharged in a campground that only had one hose they all needed water from. Tempers started to flare when the teams fought to be the next one using the hose. During the fairly sad example of reality TV conflict, the Barbie Babes had trouble with the hose and fell behind the other trucks.

The Speed Bump
Tyler called the teams to throw a wrench in the works. He told them they now had to go vegan for the rest of the weekend. No eggs, no milk, no meat, no animal product of any kind. None of the teams were particularly happy about this, except Coast of Atlanta, who felt confident their culinary skills would see them through. The Italian teams were understandably the least thrilled. Pop-A-Waffle planned a menu, but weren’t too worried since they already earned immunity.

Momma’s and Nonna’s went to the same place as the day before. Nonna’s became furious upon seeing that Momma’s took up two spots in a crowded area, especially since they saved them a spot the day before. Nonna’s, with no place to park, took this as a serious slight and declared they were done with them. Finally, a rivalry.

The teams went shopping upon readjusting their menus – tofu was a big theme – but the Barbie Babes were the last team to get out of the grocery store. No surprise there. Pop-A-Waffle parked outside the library, while the Barbie Babes had a tough time finding a place to set up. Momma’s ran out of food and ended early feeling they had no time to go to the store and make more. The Barbie Babes slid into their spot, confident they’d be able to cash in. They had a great last couple of hours, but were nervous with their final tally.

Apparently the early favorite, Seoul Sausage came in first place again. Pop-A-Waffle came in the bottom three, landing in dead last. But they had immunity, which obviously saved them, so it was down to Momma’s and Barbie Babes. Tyler took Momma’s to task for closing up shop early, but they squeaked by and beat out Barbie Babes by just under $200. The Barbie Babes were sent home.

Next week, the teams drive to Amarillo, Texas, where they are tasked with setting up at a ball park. Who will survive the speed bumps there? Tune in next week to find out, but in the meantime, what did you think of week two of The Great Food Truck Race? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photos courtesy of The Food Network.

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