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Bachelor Pad Recap: How Do You Spell Awkward?

August 27, 2012 07:24 PM by Candace Young

After last week’s twist that saw Mr. Popular, Michael Stagliano, ousted, and Mr. Unpopular, Chris Bukowski spared, the Bachelor Pad alliance has been shaken up. This week, some are more resolved than ever to get Chris and his partner, Sarah, out. Keep reading to find out what type of cerebral challenge will stump many contestants, and what the latest twist is now that the number of remaining contestants is down to just ten…

Tonight kicks off with Rachel falling apart over the departure of her man, Michael Stagliano. Jaclyn comforts her while partner, Ed, grumbles about his former friend, Chris, managing to stay in the house.  Chris Harrison appears and gives the remaining contestants a pep talk. He then tells them from there on out they’ll be competing as couples…and voted off as couples. Nick and Rachel, who are the only ones without partners will team up.

The challenge this week is a Spelling Bee. Blakeley definitely has the line of the week, saying, “Who spells anymore?” Much to everyone’s chagrin, Chris and Sarah emerge as the victors, get the roses, and cannot be voted out of Bachelor Pad this week! Blakeley’s freaks out at the mere thought of Chris winning. The audacity! Who spells anymore?

“National Chris and Sarah Day” gets a great start, with the hot couple enjoying a romantic ride on an old-fashioned train. Chris thinks that being partnered with Sarah is the best thing that’s happened to him so far, and based on the drama-free outing, we’re inclined to agree! The one problem: Chris still has feelings for Emily. Oh wait, there’s another minor issue: everyone hates Chris and Sarah and would love to vote them off.

Cue a Rachel-centered disaster of epic proportions. Okay, that’s what Rachel thinks, at least. Michael’s gone and while the two are technically still together, Rachel has no way to monitor contact him. Nick tries to insert a bit of common sense into the situation, tactfully reminding Rachel just how insane it would be to give up and go home when she’s so close to $250,000.

Back to the Chris-Sarah saga. Sarah pops the dreaded Emily question and Chris manages to b.s. a respectable answer. Or, at least, an answer in which the question is completely skirted and Sarah is complimented profusely. Having had enough of the whole Emily conversation, the two proceed to the barn for a little roll in the hay.

While Chris and Sarah enjoy their time together, the girls have a little heart-to-heart. Rachel whines some more about the lack of Michael at the pad. The ladies back her up, telling her that they’ll be glad to ditch their boy toys if she ever feels lonely. We don’t believe them for a second. Bros before hoes (or its female equivalent) doesn’t ever seem to play out on this show.

Too bad Jaclyn’s freaked out by flying, because her date with Ed begins with a trip on a private plane. But flying is not the only thing that terrifies Jaclyn; she’s also deathly afraid of falling in love. She has good reason to be wary. Turns out Ed is still pining for another girl back home. Once this little tidbit is out in the air, the date becomes unbelievably awkward.

Fortunately, things are less awkward between Blakeley and Tony. Since Blakeley doesn’t have a one-on-one date, Tony puts together a date of his own. Blakeley has trust issues and she’s worried that Tony won’t stick around. But Tony says he wants to be a part of Blakeley’s life after Bachelor Pad is over.

And…back to the most awkward date of the night. Jaclyn insists that Ed’s actions don’t match up with his words. Ed responds by accusing Jaclyn of being childish. And then there’s a lot of bleeping and some more awkwardness and then they…head off to bed together? Hmm, talk about mixed signals.

Moment of truth: time to hand out the first rose! Desperate for immunity, everyone starts sucking up to Jaclyn and Ed. After wasting an exorbitant amount of time on deliberations, the Jaclyn and Ed give the rose to Blakeley and Tony, a decision that, predictably, pisses everyone else off.

Time for voting! Since Chris and Sarah are safe right now, the pressure’s on Kalon and Lindzi. The only way they’ll be able to stick around is if they convince everyone else to vote for Nick and Rachel. Which means the two are forced to grovel big-time. And they’re not the only ones groveling. Nick and Rachel are fully aware that it’s them versus Kalon and Lindzi.  Of course, Rachel doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with being sent home. It would mean being reunited with Michael! Who needs $250,000 when you have true lust love?

Finally, it’s time for the results. Chris Harrison calls out names…Jaclyn and Ed make it through, as do Rachel and Nick. Bad news for Kalon and Lindzi. But Kalon joins Lindzi for the ride home, so who knows? This Bachelor Pad romance just might work out.

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