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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: The Final Four Tackle The Pass

August 27, 2012 11:00 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on FoxHell’s KitchenClemenza was eliminated on Italian night. Next, Gordon Ramsay puts the final four – Dana, Justin, Barbie, and Christina – through a tough challenge and a turn at the pass. Which two chefs will move onto the Hell’s Kitchen finale?

Immediately following Clemenza’s elimination, Gordon Ramsay promises the four remaining chefs that “the best is yet to come.” Then, the chefs are surprised by visits from their families.


A car whisks the chefs away to the always fabulous… grocery store! The chefs are given $15 and 10 minutes to plan a dish and buy the needed ingredients. Ramsay says a great chef knows how to maximize their profits.

Dana splurges on halibut. Barbie is excited to see pork is only $5.99 a pound. She buys one chop, but because pork chops are fairly boring, she also buys sausage. Christina goes for swordfish and shrimp. Justin buys shrimp and “budget friendly” seasonal foods. Justin’s budget friendly plan doesn’t work out at the cash register. He’s the only chef to go over $15. Not by much though, so a quick change in ingredients brings him under budget.

Back in Hell’s Kitchen, the chefs run around, fixing their dishes.

The judges are David LeFevre, Hugh Garvey, and Christian Philippo. They taste each dish, and then name the highest price they’d each pay for the dish. Again, Chef Ramsay wants to see whose dish will turn over the biggest profit. The dish with the highest average price wins the challenge.

Average price per dish:

Justin – $28.33

Barbie – $33.00

Dana – $34.00

Christina – $33.67

Dana wins! Her already too-loud volumes rises… happy for her, but why must she yell all the time?

For winning the challenge, Dana is treated to lunch and one-on-one instruction from David LeFevre. Later, Dana is happy to learn she will be eating lunch with her parents.

Meanwhile, Gordon Ramsay presents the losers with a disgusting punishement – sorting Hell’s Kitchen‘s trash. Christina says she’d rather give Clemenza a sponge bath than sort the trash. While Justin is trying real hard avoiding getting sick, Barbie announces this is just another Friday afternoon for her. Once all the trash is taken care of, Christina, Justin, and Barbie wash up and prep the kitchen for dinner service.

Dinner Service

Dana returns. Nobody wants to hear about her afternoon. The losers are so annoyed by her gloating, they all ignore her questions about dinner service. The lines are drawn tonight… there are no friends in Hell’s Kitchen, it’s game on!

Justin is the first chef to run the pass. Chef Scott tries to sabotage Justin’s efforts by putting crab in the lobster spaghetti. Justin catches the mistake and gives the dish back to Chef Scott. Justin passes his quality control, but he fails at keeping Dana in check. Ramsay calls out Dana for her snotty attitude. Ramsay says to Dana, “Young lady, if you’re doing this to sabotage him, then you’re doing a (beep) good job!”   He then tells her, “If you’ve given up, go home.” Overall, Justin’s turn at the pass is a success.

Dana is the next chef to take control of the kitchen. She’s doing fine, at first. When presented with two dishes of risotto, Dana only tastes one dish. Ramsay added sugar to the risotto Dana did not taste test, so she fails her quality control test.

Barbie takes her turn at the pass. When yelling out the tickets, Barbie faces the diners instead of the chefs in the kitchen. Once Barbie figures out which way is the right way to scream orders, she’s faced with another fumble by Dana. Dana isn’t communicating with Justin. Finally, Barbie passes her quality control test when Chef Scott replaces mashed potatoes with celeriac mash.

Christina is the last chef to tackle the hot plate. Christina demands attention and handles the position well. However, Dana is a mess on fish, slowing down the kitchen. Ramsay urges Christina to push Dana. Even though the tension between the two friends builds, Christina remains focused. Ramsay tries to sabotage her turn at the pass by replacing spinach with arugula. Christina sees the difference right away, passing her test.

Once dinner service is finished, Ramsay asks the chefs to have a “bloody good discussion” on who deserves to stay and who deserves to go home.


Right away, Dana says, “I really don’t feel like anyone did badly.” There’s no question that Dana was the weakest link in Hell’s Kitchen tonight. Justin, Barbie, and even Christina tell Dana she messed up this week. Dana refuses to accept the truth.

Gordon Ramsay asks each of the final four to tell him why he/she deserves to stay.

Barbie says she has learned and grown. She never once considered giving up on the competition. She’s passionate and motivated.

Justin explains how he manages to keep his ego in check while leading the team and giving 150%.

Dana admits this service wasn’t her “best,” but she will learn from her mistake. She reminds Ramsay she’s been consistent and has won many challenges.

Christina says she has listened and learned. She’s a natural leader and she sets high standards for herself and her co-workers.

Ramsay announces that two contestants will be leaving Hell’s Kitchen. The first chef eliminated is Barbie.

Ramsay kindly tells Barbie, “You’ve been amazing. Your level of improvement has been extraordinary. You are a very gifted, smart, and determined girl. Take that, and run with it.”

Of course Barbie was hoping to be the last chef standing, but she’s proud to have made it to the final four. As she should be, especially after putting up with the attacks from drunken Tiffany, Nutbush Kimmie, and loud mouth Robyn for most of the season.

The next chef leaving Hell’s Kitchen is…. to be continued.

Will Dana survive elimination? Who will be the season 10 finalists? Tune in next week for the dramatic conclusion. Tell us, RTVM- Who are you rooting for?

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2 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Recap: The Final Four Tackle The Pass”

  1. Ben D Says:
    August 28th, 2012 at 11:13 am

    maybe Dana from Hell’s kitchen and Jow from Big Brother should hookup since they both like to talk loud tothe camera

  2. Disgusted!! Says:
    August 29th, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    believe Barbie should’ve won, she dominated throughout the competition when everyone was against her simply because they were intimidated and jealous of her apparent gift in leadership and cooking abilities. The TV depicted Dana plotting on her with no justification other than Barbie was a threat to her. Chef Ramsey and all these reality shows are a joke!!! totally unfair..but what do you expect they “have” to play unfair in-order to get ahead…History has “proven” that and sadly in some instances it still rings true!!


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