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The Week The Women Went Recap: The Week Jeff Foxworthy Went

August 28, 2012 11:03 PM by Gina Hall

This week on “The Week The Women Went,” Suzy Ormon attempts to terrify the women and the men just try to survive.

Jeff Foxworthy must have decided to scoot out of South Carolina because it’s a new female narrator on “The Week the Women Went” tonight. Wonder if Jeff decided to screw it and go party with the South Carolina women in paradise.

Darnell has to make the dress for the pageant and it looks pretty terrible.

Meanwhile, the rest of the men are trying to upgrade the town’s railroad upgrade by Saturday. The band together and start building. A strange twist of events that’s hard to describe unless you’re watching it, but I’ll try. Near to the town exists an African village. Actually, like a recreation of one. It’s kind of a throwback, like people living Amish. But a guy in full authentic dress arrives at the depot and offers the men help.

The chief invites the men to the village, they’re very interested in counciling the young man who just proposed to his girlfriend. He’s only 21 and they feel he’s two young. The men don’t really like the interjection, but it’s a reality show, so they have to go to the village and visit, it’s in the script.


So the men talk about heading over to the village and spout some pretty racist stuff we don’t need to reprint here. They worried that the African Village might make them drink blood. Over in the women’s camp, the experience is bringing the black and white women together. Again, it gets a little reality generic racist.

The men head over to the African Village and the villagers do their best to try to weird out the men. They want to take the engaged guy, Justin, out to the woods. They perform some ritual that makes for rather drab television, but creeps out Justin. Then the whole village throws an elaborate party of song and dance. It’s a way to make the men feel like their far away without breaking the budget of the reality show.  They lecture Justin on marriage. Then they serve wine which all the women sniff for blood.


Back with the women, they explore a woman who has a business but no husband!! Perish the thought. How does she do it without a man?! The men send video messages to the women who have been gone all of 3 whole days. You’d think it’d been months.

The show brings in dresses for the girl children to choose from for the pageant. The dad’s try to muddle through all the girly stuff and get all goo-goo eyed at their grow’d up girls. The show sends in the gays to help out the dads. Two pageant coordinators come in and are just a little more flamboyant.

The narrator tells us that Suzy Ormon showing up on the show is the surprise of their lives. It’s kind of sad if it really was the surprise of someone’s life. Suzy takes them out on a yacht and gives them business advice, and tries to make them cry. And she’s successful.

Stay tuned for next week as the pageant gets closer!

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