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Big Brother 14 Recap: Dan Gheesling Hosts His Own Funeral & Rises From The Grave

August 29, 2012 06:44 PM by Ryan Haidet

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 14 was the resurrection this season needed to help itself rise from the grave as the worst season ever.  The entertainingly fun hour featured one of the biggest moves the game has ever seen in which season 10 winner Dan Gheesling masterfully won the house over by holding his own funeral.  Trying to save himself from certain eviction, Dan gathered the house together and cried his way through the mock funeral as he offered them all positive comments about their game.  While he was nice to all of them, he sent shockwaves through the house with the few words he sent Danielle’s way.

A Punish-Filled Power Of Veto Competition

Before we get to the amazing mock funeral, the Veto competition featured multiple elimination rounds surrounding the popular Draw Something app.  The player who correctly guessed a specific drawing had to accept a punishment to earn any points.  If they decided not to take the punishment, they were instantly eliminated from the competition and therefore ineligible to win the PoV.  Some of the punishments included Frank taking a bath in green goop, Dan gobbling down gross food and Jenn burning her clothes.  Here were some of the other punishments:

  • Britney getting shackled to Danielle for 24 hours.
  • Frank wearing a carrot suit for one week and taking a chum shower every time a bell tolls for the next 24 hours.
  • Frank had to sit himself out of the next Head of Household competition.
  • Danielle had paint thrown at her by the other houseguests.
  • Dan had to take 24 hours in the Have-Not bedroom by himself for a solitary dance party.

During the final question, Frank would have easily won the challenge because he had the most points and Britney, who had buzzed in to answer, didn’t have a guess.  He stupidly whispered the answer to her, which was apparently something in the rule book, and it got him ousted from the competition.  Even worse, he volunteered all of the ridiculous punishments for absolutely nothing.

After he was booted, Jenn got the next question right and nabbed enough points to win the challenge by accepting a slop punishment for the remainder of the summer.  Had she not taken the points, Dan would have won by default.

“Dan didn’t win and that means, Dan, you’re going to jury,” Frank said in the Diary Room.  He also realized that Jenn was somebody he could team up with and trust for the rest of the summer because she didn’t have to take slop for the rest of the summer.  She could have let Frank live alone by allowing Dan to save himself with a PoV win.

Addressing His Own Demise

With plenty of time to think things over while he was taking his punishment in solitary confinement, Dan, who wasn’t willing to die without a fight, concocted his funeral scheme.  Upon his release from solitary, he ignited his act by putting on a strange, pathetic attitude.  Britney compared him to a zombie.  Later, he stood in front of everybody in the living room to hold his own funeral — which he appropriately wore black for.  Dan told Shane he’s the real Captain America, he explained his respect for Jenn, talked to Britney about his never-ending bond with her and tearfully stressed to Ian how similar they are.  Even crazier, the rest of the house was crying along with him.

But what came next was pure genius.  Dan harkened back to the first time he played the game and aligned with Memphis Garrett.  He told Danielle that he had teamed up with her in the hopes that she could be his main ally.  But he said that she wasn’t anywhere near close to the ally that Memphis was.  “We don’t need to get into it now, but in this game you’ll never earn my trust back,” Dan said as Danielle’s mouth dropped wide open.  “You know what you did, and in this game you’re dead to me.  So don’t come to me and ask about it ’cause it’s over.  Moving forward, we can be friends outside this.  I will be friends with all of you.  But the game talk for me ends now.  I hope you guys understand that this was the death of Dan the player, I want the rest of the experience to be fun for everyone and non-awkward.”  With that, he ended his funeral with hugs for everybody and walked away leaving behind a very confused and upset Danielle.

Plan Part II

Next, Dan’s plan continued with Frank.  He took a Bible to the HoH bedroom with him so he could swear on it as he revealed the Quack Pack alliance.  “This kid’s ruthless,” Dan said about Ian and his betrayals in the game.  With Frank starting to wake up and realize Dan was right, the two shook hands and formed a final-two alliance.  Their goal?  To convince Jenn to use the PoV to save Dan so they could put Britney up on the chopping block in his place because she’s a dangerous player who is being kept safe by nearly everybody else.

Plan Part III

Next, Dan went to Danielle to do some damage control.  When he happily told her his funeral freakout was all an act, she turned her head away in tears.  “You broke my heart,” she said.  “You humiliated me in front of the whole house.  Dan, I would have gone home for you.”  She asked him to give more of a warning next time he does something crazy like that, but he said no because he wants a real, raw reaction.  Realizing what Dan may have done to keep them both safe, she wasn’t so upset anymore.

Mission Accomplished

And it worked.  Frank talked to Jenn and explained everything about the Quack Pack.  Jenn was stunned to hear all the news and seemed prepared to turn the tables by making a big move against Britney.

At the Veto meeting, Ian did not use the one he won from the claw machine.  But Jenn did use her PoV to save Dan.  In return, Frank put Britney up on the chopping block.  The looks from Britney and Ian were absolutely priceless.  They were caught completely off guard.  “Ian, you voted Mike out last week, and then you put me and my other closest ally up on the block and she went home,” Frank said at the Veto meeting.  “You’ve won the Veto, so I can’t put you up.  I gotta do the next best thing and put your closest ally up on the block.  You made it apparent who that is.  So to quote a not-so-wise young man, Britney, pop a squat.”

Wow!  What a fantastic episode!  I have been so frustrated all summer long with the lackluster, unfair twists — especially with the coaches — but this was absolutely awesome to watch.  This entire summer I have been disappointed in Dan and actually was looking forward to his eviction this week, but his genius strategy proves he’s the smartest player in that house.  To be able to get Frank, his season-long arch enemy, to make a total change in strategy this far in the game is stunning.  Dan, after that move, you deserve to win again.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you happy Dan’s plan worked?  Were you shocked it did?  Who do you think will be evicted Thursday night — Britney or Danielle?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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14 Responses to “Big Brother 14 Recap: Dan Gheesling Hosts His Own Funeral & Rises From The Grave”

  1. new bb fan Says:
    August 29th, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    brand new to big brother…only my second season in, so after watching rachel and branden whine and moan all the way to the win, i am so pleased to find a real game between people who dont love each other. this season is yummy!. ian still has mucho kudos for the boogie eviction, but dan? dan is truly THE MAN. and i like dan. he is genuine through it all, which is hard to accomplish in a game full of arse kissing (janelle sucked at this by the way. she is emotionless so her pleas and deal making were lackluster to say the least). dan doesnt do too much butt licking, he just keeps it real. he was genuinely impressed with ian, like all of us. he’s my favorite bb player so far. frank deserves to win based on his competition wins, but frank was too far up boogies rear to send dan home when he should have. boogie was too cocky and mean spirited. boogie’s disdain for danielle was just evil and it turned me off. britney is a weasel and i hope she says bye. joe? jen? blah, and im from kentucky, too. ian? i’d be okay with him winning. i might be happiest if ian wins. he’s smart and he’s won a few comps too. don’t count the guy out. he’s proven himself and he may do it again. danielle? i just hate all things alabama (mainly the racist non driving bumpkins who live there and who support cities (Cullman) where blacks have to be in the house by sundown. im so serious. google it.) so she lost my vote by virtue of the constant wearing of the roll tide t-shirt. plus she’s blind if she can’t see shane is not into females. she’s the cutest thing in the house and he couldnt care less about feeling on her booty. shane? when did jocks become sweet? he wears pink shirts and bangs. not a homophobe or anything, but shane just doesn’t do anything for me. now will? will couldve won and i’d've been a happy camper. i loved me some will. he was the smartest and saw through all the bs quick enough to impress me. all in all…ian, frank, then dan would be my list of hopeful winners. good luck and thank you BB for becoming my favorite show ever! what the heck have i been doing for the past 13 seasons? watching the stupid bad girls club. duh, deidre.

  2. Troy Says:
    August 29th, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    I agree completely as I was watching I thought “Dan, don’t go out like this, keep it classy” but Dan even pulled it over on me, and as usual does not plan to ever go out. Never voted against, and never evicted. Dan is the best player ever.

  3. Leon Says:
    August 29th, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    Wow.. Dan, That was the best move I’ve seen in my years of watching this show.. Replacement Nominee Roulette was nothing compared to this! You sir deserve to win again. He’s still in a bad position seeing as his new strongest ally can’t play in the next competition but at least he’s in a spot at all. Not even Will Kirby could pull this move off. Well done good sir, you’ve Rekindled my fire for this years season.

  4. Jenifer Landowski Says:
    August 29th, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    I totally agree with you that Dan deserves to win after what he was able to do! I am in awe! It was so amazing to watch him pull it off. After he won season 10 I thought of him as the best of all-time and he’s proving it even more now!

  5. Jake Says:
    August 30th, 2012 at 7:27 am

    BRITTNEY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T GO!!!!! She’s been my favourite player so far and now she’s being beaten and sent home because of Ian’s mistake, I thought dan would go home this week, quack ack wins hoh next and Frank goes home, allowing the only veteran “Brittney” could sweep in and win the game, now that slob Dan has to backstab his friends and alliances to protect himself. I hope that oney that he’s going to get let’s him sleep at night because other wise th guilt will eat him alive

  6. Tyler Says:
    August 30th, 2012 at 9:15 am

    Dan just pulled off the biggest play ive ever seen! very good move to save him and his closest friend Danielle (hopefully). One problem Dan will have is if Brittney, Ian, Jenn, and shane all go to jury and he does make F2 with Frank. he is most likely going to lose. Frank has had to push his way to barely make it every week and even though i am a HUGE Dan fan. I don’t see how he can win this one, the Quack pack aren’t going to let Dan win even if it is over Frank

  7. Wendy Says:
    August 30th, 2012 at 10:06 am

    This is my first year watching the show and I’ve really enjoyed it but seeing Dan last night taught me how the game is played. He was awesome. I hope he wins.

  8. Duke Says:
    August 30th, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    I’d be REALLY surprised if Dan AND Frank made it to the final two… they’re THE two largest targets in this game, especially when the houseguests realize that Frank and Dan are now working together.

    My prediction is that Dan’ll throw the next two HoH competitions and let the houseguests go after Frank. And if Frank doesn’t win both of the vetos in the next two weeks, he’ll be gone just because no one will want him in the final two.

    It’ll be interesting how the rest of the Quack Pack react to what has happened and I’m worried that Dan has put Danielle into a tough spot as she’s essentially been turned into a double agent between the Frank/Dan/Jenn alliance and the Quack Pack survivors. All of this is assuming that Britney leaves.

  9. Annie Says:
    September 2nd, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    Dan is the biggest creep ever to enter the BB house..I have never been a fan because physically he is super unattractive, and he creepy little squeaky voice and now once again his character…He will and did sell his soul to Satan for some cold hard cash….that bible he carts around…he can shove it! And what is wrong with people that they revere someone like this. I can tell you if he would have done these things to Jeff and Jordan people would have been outraged to the max!

  10. Amit Says:
    September 4th, 2012 at 2:42 am

    Absolutely brilliant. When Dan walked out of confinement I knew he had a plan, but when he started the funeral I was like wtf is this guy doing.. his plan was way more devious than I expected, and it was genius.

    The best move ever made in this game by a clear mile. If he makes it to the final two, which I think he has a very good shot of now, he will win the game without a doubt.

  11. Rachel Says:
    September 4th, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    Dan is a Catholic School EMPLOYEE, not any average player, swearing & lying on a BIBLE. That’s why Frank believed him.. THAT was his masterplan, lying on a Bible.. It ALL boils down to that. The rest is show. That’s it! Wearing Catholic St Mary’s t-shirt while doing so. Pure GREED unfolding on our TV. At least know who you’re rooting for! This is OFFENSIVE to any/all religions! Tithe that prize $ and it’s all good? I don’t think so….

  12. Vince Says:
    September 6th, 2012 at 12:06 am

    I agree Rachel, I used to be a Dan fan but being a working for a Catholic school and using it as a tool for his greed shows what kind of person he truly is. If you want to be a liar in a game fine and so be it. But don’t use the Bible as if your spiritual and swear upon it in a blatant lie. I know maybe you should actually read the Bible and not use it to dupe people. Not to mention swearing on your wedding ring and your dead grandfathers necklace. This move was no more genius than some one conning an old lady out of rent money. Dan is a creep. Good luck and maybe one day you’ll use the Bible the way it should be…..

  13. sheri Says:
    September 18th, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    If Dan does not win this entire season will be a waste of time watching BB. Dan has been brilliant and thank you so much for acknowledging that all Dan swore to was that what he was telling them about the QP was true which it was and that they only shook on final two. So sick of the anti Dan sentiment by some fools who either did not watch the show or are angry that Frank eventually went home (which was great) and make comments about him lying when swearing on the bible which he did not do; HE TOLD THE TRUTH!!! Noticed that even Julie Chen bought into the lies that Dan lied which made me really disgusted with her and we all noticed how she was in total apparent lust with bully Frank after he was evicted. It was disgusting to watch her behavior with Frank on his eviction episode. Her conduct was uncomfortable to watch to say the least. Dan deserves to win BB 14!!!

  14. sheri Says:
    September 18th, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    Too bad that apparently Vince or Rachel either cannot read or did not watch the show because DAN DID NOT LIE WHEN HE SWORE ON THE BIBLE!!!! PLEASE READ THE RECAP AND IF YOU CANNOT READ THEN GET SOMEONE TO READ IT FOR YOU. Vince and since you apparently cannot read it is scarier that you work in a Catholic School that it is that Dan does.


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