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Face Off 3 Recap: Pirate Battle

August 29, 2012 06:45 AM by Ryan Haidet

Tuesday’s episode of Face Off began with immediate drama.  Rod — last week’s top makeup artist — was walking around with his wrist wrapped up as he explained to others that he hurt himself during the first challenge.  But despite his injury, he wasn’t going to quit as they dashed into the second major challenge of the season  — creating an original pirate character who has become one with the sea.  As the first individual spotlight challenge, the 11 remaining contestants were randomly assigned to a specific item they had to incorporate with their character.  And, in a Face Off first, the person with the best makeup would win pirate’s booty worth $5,000.

A Challenge With No Fighting

Unlike last week’s constant arguing, this contest simply showed the individual battles each contestant faced — all of them mainly worried about not having enough time to complete their work.  While some of them also struggled with their molds, Rod was primarily concerned about being able to finish his makeup with the use of just one hand.

After a very panicked “last looks” in which the contestants get one final hour to complete their makeups at the end of the three-day process, they presented their work to the judges.  Here’s how each of them looked.

Tommy, Nicole, Rod, Derek and Alana were all deemed safe (see their work immediately below) after the judges took a closer look.  The rest were ranked as the best and worst.

Rod: Seahorse

Tommy: Kelp

Nicole: Ship in a bottle

Derek: Netting

Alana: Crabs

The top looks (below) were Laura, Sarah and Roy.

Laura: Shells

“It’s got a really nice feel head to toe,” judge Glenn Hetrick said before adding that it’s “awesome.”  The other judges echoed his statements by telling her how successful they believed the makeup was.

Roy: Dagger

“The silhouette when she first came out was one of the more profound ones,” the new judge Neville Page said.  Glenn praised Roy for implementing the dagger element without using “lame-ass” knife hands.  “You did a great job, Roy,” Ve Neill summed up.

Sarah: Sea urchins

“My favorite thing about this, is the haunted look that comes from the color palette you chose,” Glenn said.  “You did not disappoint,” Ve said.

The worst makeups (see below) were created by Jason, CC and Eric.

Jason: Jewels

The judges were disappointed he didn’t offer much of a character design in the face, but they were even more bummed out he didn’t incorporate jewels — his element in the challenge — hardly at all.  When you look at his work below, you won’t even see jewels because his character is simply holding them.

CC: Barnacles

“I feel like you were a little directionless here and I see that reflected in the makeup, unfortunately,” Glenn said.  “I don’t think this was very successful for you today, CC,” Ve said.  Neville said it didn’t look like barnacles on his face, but more of a “face flute.”  I agree with them.  When her work walked out on stage, I knew she was in trouble.  Her work was far from stellar.  While it certainly wasn’t as bad as Joe and Tommy’s garbage last week, it wasn’t up to par with what this show is all about.

Eric: Spyglass

I’m not going to lie, when this makeup was first presented I liked it.  But after listening to the judges and seeing the other makeups, it wasn’t as solid as I first thought.  I think I liked it so much because the model was selling the makeup more than the makeup itself was.  “The thing (spyglass) sticking out of his face is just wretched,” Glenn said.  The judges really thought the eyeball looked way too fake.

In the end, the judges selected Sarah as the top makeup artist for the week, which also landed her $5,000.  Finally, the judges chose to send CC packing.  “Your sculpt didn’t read as barnacles,” Glenn said to her as she walked the plank and out of the game forever.

What did you think of the episode?  Do you think the judges made the right choice?  Which makeup did you like most and which did you think totally sucked?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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