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Hollywood Exes Recap: It All Wraps Up

August 29, 2012 10:15 PM by Gina Hall

It’s the season finale of Hollywood Exes. What outrageous note will they go out on?

Sheree wants to stay in L.A. and not make the move to San Diego to live with Terrell. Sheree thinks that a good way to delay the decision is to let Terrell get a Harley. She’s been against it but now that she can manipulate her husband with it, it’s all good.

Drea is attempting to rid her life of R. Kelly — and that’s no small task as she has his name tattooed on her back. She decides to have the word “Jr.” added to the tattoo so it’ll be her son’s name instead.  Good save.

But the whole tattoo removal process upsets Drea, so Mayte has to come to the rescue. Mayte is the queen of baggage considering she has a ton of Prince tea.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Sheree go browsing for a wedding ring without Michael knowing. They talk about second marriages. Sheree talks about losing your identity in a marriage and they decide that marriage is forever. Irony of ironies.

Drea has co-opted the rest of the ladies into doing a dance with her for her charity. A couple of the ladies are good dancers, the others, not so much. Sheree is a disaster.  After rehearsal, Drea helps Mayte rid her life of Prince. They go back to Mayte’s house and put the symbolic wedding china into storage. It’s time for Mayte to live in the now.

Sheree and Jessica go for a walk when Jose calls. Jose wants to move in with Jessica and Josie.  Jessica is upset and can’t believe he’s asking this, the first time was such an emotional trial. Jessica gets all weepy since Jose is such a source of pain in her life. Sheree tells Jessica to keep her guard up and keep Jose at a safe distance.

The day of Drea’s charity benefit arrives. There is still time for one last rehearsal. Cue the ominous music. The girls have their moves down, so Drea allows them to be on their own while she focuses on her own dances. But Drea stumbles into Michael and collapses in severe pain.

Drea doesn’t know if she’ll be able to perform for the benefit. She hopes her foot heals quickly.  Nicole brings in Johnny Gill to take Drea’s mind off the drama.

It’s showtime and Drea can’t dance but manages to emcee the show while on crutches. She introduces the ladies who actually perform quite well, even Sheree.  The ladies celebrate a job well done and the fact that through it all they have remained friends.

Well, this wraps it up for this season of Hollywood Exes. Do you want to see the same ladies again next season or do you hope the dredge up some other divorcees looking to cash in on their husbands’ fame?


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